The feminine song raises the scene to pay tribute to him to Güemes

Ana Issa, the Five Voices and the Group Magnet will today appear in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos of the House of the Culture.

With a luxury spectacle, that will include/understand the activities of the soloist Ana Issa, the Five Voices and Group Magnet “Güemes in the Bicentennial of the Mother country? will begin today, the cycle of gratuitous activities who the Secretariat of Culture of the Province will put within reach of all the community with the purpose of to homenajear, to remember and to know history our hero gaucho, in the Bicentennial of its fight in defense of national independence.

The cycle will be developed in different cultural spaces: museums, libraries, House of the Culture, monument to Güemes and will include diverse and attractive activities, from projections of films to conferences, concerts, spectacles of dance, exhibitions, contests and proposals for smallest.

Today the opening of the exhibition will be realized “Facsimiles?, in the museum House of Rengel Aryans (Florida 20). Also Martin will be the opening of the book exhibition on the historical epic of the General hero Miguel de Güemes. In addition, the Day of the Writer will be celebrated, with a tribute to poets Jacobo Regen and Teresa Leonardi, to 11, in the Complex of Libraries and Archives (Belgrano 1002).

The day will conclude to 22, in the House of the Culture (Homemade 460), with the joint musical spectacle of Ana Issa, the Five Voices and the Group Magnet, with free and gratuitous entrance. “It will be a taste to participate in this evening, first because the Secretary of Culture considered in this so important date for the country and the province to us, and soon to share the scene with artists of remarkable recognition. In the personnel, I am embarked in the recording of two discs, the one next to “the Black? outstanding Chagra and rest like soloist. Also it flatters the challenge to me that I will have Wednesday 16 of June in the Festival of Cattle tenders, where I will sing the Argentine National anthem. Recently I offered a successful recital in the House of the Culture. The answer of the public will force to me to reedit the spectacle in the next months. Just I arrive from Buenos Aires, where I participated in the acts of Güemes in the House of Jumps. There I was with `Black' Chagra and Sara Mamaní?, commented Ana Issa.

The Five Voices also are on the verge of publishing his second record plate, “Soon will go out “the Five live Voices?, a work that takes a walk by the Latin American repertoire, with songs with which we felt identified all the members. It is an interactive disc, that surely will be to the liking of people. Some weeks ago we lived a beautiful experience in Brazil, where we acted in an international fair. The truth, we are crossing an excellent professional moment?, limited Veronica Marks, member of the Five Voices.
“It is important when it give account you of which people begin to you to recognize in the diverse festivales of the country. One must have the feet on the Earth and redouble the work and the sacrifice to surpass itself. I believe that it is the unique form to grow, of parallel way, in artistic and the human. Of all ways, the objective of the group is to surpass the borders and until the present one already we have realized right performances in Chile and the United States?, asserted Estefanía Niewolsky. The Five Voices are completed with Jimena Teruel, Calabrian Melina and Issa Solitude.

Music cheers and carpera will have like protagonists to the Group Magnet. “We will abriremos the spectacle, soon she will raise to Ana and later the Five Voices. Also we are going to interpret meetings `Song with all'. We had one season shining that it made possible to lay to us way to us in different scenes from the country?, indicated Marta Tello, that next to Silvana Alvarez, Dew Formellano and Claudia Tello they conform the successful quartet that already has harvested innumerable followers in all the country.

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