The “Chaqueño? abre the new edition of the festival “Carrileñazo?

The Tekis, Mariana Cayón and Guitarreros will be also in the billboard of tonight, that will begin to 21.

With the awaited action of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino the Carrileñazo will be developed to the inaugural evening of the tenth first edition of the festival today folkloric “?, that will carry out in the Sport Club the Track. The beginning is predicted for the 21.

The group jujeño the Tekis will be present also with their musical proposal. The artistic billboard will be completed with: Guitarreros, Mariana Cayón, academy of dances “the Baguala?, ballet “Shaking local handkerchiefs? and artists.

Tomorrow it will be the turn of Abel Pinto, Sergio Galleguillo, Aryan Nacho and Daniel (ex- Guaraníes), Paola, ballet “Gauchas Roots? and the school of dances “Walter Vilca?.

The “Chaqueño? will raise the scene between 1,30 and 2 in the morning, while the appearance of the Tekis will take place near the midnight.

Palavecino is an ambassador of the Argentine folklore in the world and in each of his presentations it reunites to thousands of supporters. It was dedicated to music from boy.

After his work like member of groups folkloric, Oscar Palavecino, as it is his true name, sent his race like soloist. A way that was in constant ascent, numerous discs in its salary and several tours by all the Argentina. Its music counts on the particularitity of not only arriving at the countryside from its country but also at the great cities. The theater Great Rex and until the Luna Park, in Buenos Aires, has been some of the scenes that testify year to year their talent.

Subjects like “the law and the trap?, “Wild Love? or “When my Guitar Cries? sound in several Latin American radial transmitters. Bolivia is one of the countries where its success is full from its beginnings like artist. Palavecino causes that the folklore leaves differences back sociocultural and arrives at the different layers from a same continent.

On the other hand, the Tekis will arrive their contagious repertoire yet at the locality from the Track. The set jujeño is integrated by: Sebastián Lopez, Juanjo Pestoni, Mauro Coletti, Pipo Valdez, Walter Sader and Pucho Ponce. Their rates concentrate in the music of the Argentine northwest and Bolivia, as they are it the carnavalitos, bailecitos and huaynos, using native instruments like sikus, zampoñas, quenas and charangos.

In the estate the premises of regional food and crafts will settle. The entrances have a cost of: popular $25, you silverplate $45, preferential $55, jineteada $20.

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