The “Chaqueño? will close the year

Also Gustavo Cordova, Sap and the Group will act Sour cherry.

The veiled one comes last from the year for the Dance Cacharpaya and the main figure will be nothing less than the “Chaqueño? Palavecino. The night folkloric Thursday 17 of December will be crystallized, from the 23, in the Station Mega (Balcarce to the 800). The artistic billboard will complete with the Group Sour cherry, the soloist Gustavo Cordova and the ascending set Sap.

The occasion will be propitious to celebrate the birthday of “Chaqueño? -18 of December and surely many followers will appear themselves to happy birthday to you sing to this convoking artist salteño to him, that comes to realize two successful recitales in the Great Rex, of Buenos Aires, to full room.

The anticipated general entrances of 35 pesos will be on sale from today in the Cacharpaya - Balcarce 922-, Gieco Bar - Sarmiento and Santiago of the Matting, small square IV Centuries - Alberdi and Caseros- and Integral Optica - High NOA Shopping-.

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