The “choir Kennedy? celebrates its 25 years with outstanding invited artists

Saturday 3 of October to 21,30 hs. the Choir Kennedy will present/display its spectacle in the Provincial Theater of Jumps next to outstanding invited artists of our means.

The birth of the Choir Kennedy de Adultos data of May of 1983 and the one of Children in 1993, both created by its present director Raul Fritzsche. Its entrance to the professional plane took place in February of 1990 when Celestial Carballo and Sandra summoned it to Mihanovich to participate in their new disc. Then, Creative cycle '90 allowed him to share poster next to artists like Maximiliano War, Marcel Marceau, Mercedes Soda, Milton Nascimento and the Black Theater of the Prague.

Soon after, the Choir recorded its first cassette, with the friendly participation like Leon Gieco, Rubén Goldin, Lito Nebbia, Rubén Road and Marián Farías Go'mez.

Throughout his trajectory, it shared scene with numerous national and international artists like Paul Anka, Alexander Lerner, Charly Garci'a, Luciano Pereyra, Fabiana Cantilo, Caesar “Banana? Pueyrredón, Nito Mestre, Valeria Lynch, Ricky Martin, Enrique Churches, the Chalchaleros, Pimpinela, Teresa Parodi, Pastorutti Solitude, Juan Rodó and Maria Marta Serra Lima, Eladia Blázquez, Marilina Ross, Julia Zenko, Gabriel Ogando and ?ngel Malher among others.

They were recognized with the prize “?stor Piazzolla?, given by the city of Mar del Plata next to remarkable artists and in the 2006 it received Disco de Oro by his record production “Choral Beatles?, the first CD of choral music based on the repertoire of The Beatles.

“Routes of the Soul? initiated the project with which they realized manifolds spectacles to benefit by all the country. They recorded several record works with diverse invited artists.
The Choir Kennedy participated in political and social events, also was made present in world-wide campaigns of fight against the AIDS and by the Rights of the Boy of UNICEF, like part of an artistic and social commitment that still is reflected in its repertoire.

On the occasion of anniversary his 25°, was recognized like “Cultural Patrimony? by UNESCO due to its artistic, shared in common, social and cultural trajectory.

His shows counts on the diverse resources: black theater, interactive songs with the public, musical comedies, language of signs for deaf people and other elements that give frame to a spectacle outside the common thing. Music puts in movement, generating a sonorous and visual alternative that is unpublished for the artistic and choral world.

At the moment, the Choir Kennedy with his more than 500 members, continues crossing the country under the project “Routes of the Soul?, realizes communitarian programs with a deeply social connotation and supports monthly to infantile dining rooms contributing foods, clothes and footwear so that more than 400 children they can satisfy his basic needs.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: You silverplate $50, $45 and $40, Theater boxes $40, Pullman and Superpullman $25.

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