The Coplanacu Pair appears in Jujuy

Next to them the Changos appears, in an ideal evening so that the lovers of the good folklore enjoy to plenary session.

Tomorrow two great ones of the regional folklore will share the scene of the Complex Jose Hernandez in a musical show denominated “2x2?, from the 22.

The Coplanacu Pair and the Changos appear in an evening that promises to be unforgettable. The anticipated ones can be obtained in Annuar Shopping.

The Coplanacu Pair is conformed by Cantos Robert and Julio Peace, together crosses the way of music from 1985. With a great trajectory and several discs in their salary, these artists whenever they visit to us just a little bit leave of their soul and its Santiago us in each subject. The Pair a conjunction of sounds and feelings obtained through his varied instruments manage to above amalgamate of the scene not only the harmony of their voices but also, many of so simple them that it is what causes that moment is magician.

The Changos

In As much the Changos, they united its voices and between huaynos, farmers and one or two romantic subject, they leave the best thing us of if in each presentation.

Their songs reflect the love and the tenderness with that broken breeze of and mounts warms up that when conjugating itself it manages to paint the landscape saw that them be born and it demonstrates that as much Luis to us as frank they are two great artists.

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