“The state of the neutral one?

The theater putting counts on the direction of Jimena Soza Sybil.

Tonight and tomorrow to 22 the work will be presnetará “the state of the neutral one? in the Theater of the Return of the Century (Senator Perez 178).

The work written and directed by Jimena Sioza Sybil, counts on the activities of Orchard Rivadineira, Lorraine Hill, Beatriz Fernandez Salinas and Gerald Albarracín.

It counts the history of three friendly. “The state of the neutral one? is not the history of others, nor is the great history. It is a cut of situations, materials and real bonds poetizados to be counted in theater form.

It is tried to in private renew an amount of behaviors inhibited by the vortex of the life. To return to watch the complex of the human affection. Ways to unfold vital desires. How is clear the friendship between people when nothing is terrible nor beautiful?

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

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