The folklore pays its tribute to santo of the bread and the work

The Chacarerata Santiagueña stands out in the billboard of the festival that will be realized near the sanctuary of San Cayetano.

Santo of the bread and the work will abrirá his arms today to shelter a new edition of the Furnace of the Workers. Outstanding groups and soloists will add themselves to this celebration in which the artists folkloric pay their devotion to San Cayetano. The appointment will be fulfilled from the 21.30.

The traditional encounter with the popular song will again take place in the estate near the sanctuary of San Cayetano, where for several years an important number of public has been congregated.

The presence of the Chacarerata Santiagueña, Willy Catramina stands out, the Clown Watercolor, the “Panther? Aimo, the Diableros de Jujuy, the Sauzales and the Cayetanos. As it is already custom in this festival, surely they will not lack the surprises, since the famous ones always jeopardize their shared in common heart in the good causes.

The native orchestra the Chacarerata Santiagueña returns to Jumps, to be with the public comes who it consecrating for 25 years. The great “Born? beloved and creation remembered Juan Carlos Gramajo continues peregrinating by the ways of the country, taking with himself a unique, emergent musical message of the dance and the song of the mount.

As well as Andres Chazarreta would mark the way to him of the love by our traditions Juan Carlos Gramajo, its “chacareratos? continue it jeopardize with the legacy, so that the work of this grouping continues projecting in the scenes of Argentina and the world. It was founded the 27 of 1984 July and are godsons of the teacher Vitillo Abalos, who in hearing of Splendid radio expressed: “If Bariloche has the Camerata, we santiagueños them deserve ourselves to have the Chacarerata?. The group is conformed by Sergio Perez (voice and guitar), Germa'n Go'mez (violin), Mario Palavecino (bandoneón) and Marcelo Pereyra (voice and percussion).

They take to 25 years crossing the scenes of the country and obtaining the respect and the applause of the public. It is a characterized set to execute traditional subjects next to the new productions that they invite to dance and that always have put a special attention in keeping the style and the cadence from the rates folkloric.

Its repertoire is formed by subjects of authors of the stature of Atahualpa Yupanqui, the Simón brothers, Raul Trullenque, the brother Rivers and Peteco Carabajal and also by own compositions. During its outstanding trajectory, the Chacarerata transferred several times the borders to appear in the United States, Colombia and Spain, and published more than 20 discográficas productions.

“We are pilgrims of the way, is our form to be happy and for understanding the life. We were with our people in each festival that they summon to us?, defined its members.

The Nocheros is the godfathers of the Furnace of the Workers, by whom artists of the stature of Valeria Linch, the 4 Peteco Carabajal marched past, Tekis, Tucu Tucu, Luciano Pereyra, Manseros Santiagueños, Roxana Carabajal, Carabajal, Song and the “Chaqueño? Palavecino.

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