The Great Dance of Small Carnival

The invitation was realized by comparsas of the town quebradeño.

Tonight, from the 20, in the Municipal Shed of Maimará, the Great Dance of Small Carnival will be carried out, giving him to a frame of closing to the celebrations carnestolendas of this year.

For this, the activities of Bandy2, the Timid ones, Group Inheritance, America, the Quebradeños and Sonido are predicted Miracle.

Group Inheritance.

The group conformed for several years has been coming proposing the best Andean folklore in the province.

Its first disc that contains thirteen subjects, among them cuecas, carnavalitos and huainos, reflects the calidez of the voices of the members of Inheritance: India Mariela, first voice, Alejandra Go'mez, percussion; Natalia Go'mez, low and second voice, Andrea Lopez, wind; Gabriela Go'mez, guitar and third voice and Gisela Vantage point, charango.

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