The great “Dream? of Marcela Ceballos today is made reality

The artist will present/display his last record material tonight, to 21, in the Theater of the Orchard, Pueyrredón 175.

The soloist Marcela Ceballos will tonight offer a recital in the Theater of the Orchard - Pueyrredón 175-, in which it will present/display the subjects of his last record material, titleholder “Dreams?. The appointment will begin to 21 and in the occasion they will attend important special guests.

“It is my first disc as soloist and I want to share it with all my people. I recorded the last year, but just now the opportunity occurs to present/display it in a theater. I have a rare mixture of feelings, but I do not see the hour that the moment arrives. I do not have doubts that it will be a true celebration of the folklore?, indicated Ceballos.

The CD has a carpero frame, with different rates from the popular song book and with authors of expanded trajectory in the matter. The nostalgiosa can be listened “?, of Eduardo Falú and Jaime Dávalos; “Better we follow thus?, of Ternán Robert; “Cat of the chaguarales?, Paschal Ceballos and Mario Flowers; “Mentime just?, of Jorge Milikota; “When they watch your eyes?, of Enrique Cadícamo, among others.

“I already presented/displayed it in different points from the country. Just I arrived from Buenos Aires, where I realized diverse activities, which served in addition me to make press in several means of that province. Also I made contact with enemy for future presentations?, added Marcela.

And although in its race it already counts on several activities in different festivales, this time comes to leave its greater “dream?, that is the launching of its first disc, in which it included in addition a Brown tango of Piece, subject that it interprets with an enviable soltura.

“It is a personal taste that wanted to give to me, I recorded the subject `Throat with sand', of a teacher like Chestnut, that day to day enriches with its songs the repertoire of national music?.

Group Magnet

Marcela was member of the ascending group Magnet and 3 years ago it decided to follow his race like soloist: “The truth is that in this time I learned a pile, not only in the musical comedy, but also in the personnel. To face a proposal as soloist forces to you to mature more express, the responsibilities are majors, but to the same time the profits taste special?.

Ceballos is niece of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, that also it had to do with “peregrinating? musical of this artist salteña: “My uncle helped me enough, and he does whenever he can. It made participate me in many important festivales in the country. Almost surely it will accompany to me today in the Theater of the Orchard. Also they will raise the scene Mario Teruel, of the Nocheros, and the Five Voices. I do not have words of gratefulness for these artists who will be side in tonight so special?.


“The recital will mean my beginning in the summer season. Luckily, work not will lack and already are numerous activities that I will confront all over the country, between that Cosquín, Jesus Maria and the Festival of the Chaya stand out, in La Rioja. In addition, already I entered the circuit of Tucuman and several commitments in that province were added, like the Festival of Lules?. With the production of the “Chaqueño? and the participation in guitars of Juanjo Domínguez, Marcela Ceballos, this young person of hardly 23 years, will tonight present/display its first record work, titleholder to us “Dreams?.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

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