The Chijra Group will celebrate its 15 years in the Miter Theater

Everything is ready to be part of a great evening that will begin to 22 and will count on the presence of special guests.

Today to 22 the Chijra group will appear in the greater room of the Miter theater.
During two hours the group jujeño will cross a selection of subjects especially preparations where it will remember his 15 years of history.

The opportunity will be propitious to present/display all their history, happening through his first musicians until the present ones, from the first disc where subjects like “remembered Passions will remember in a mad rush? or taquiraris of the Changos of the Huaico, and by all means the route by the five record materials that the group has in its salary.

Between its majors successes they will be “I landed on water to You?, “Amame?, “Decídete?, “You will return?, “the queen of the carnival? and as corollary the subjects whereupon cheer all the carnivals, huaynos and carnavalitos at your service.
The spectacle will happen of instrumental shades, like instruments of cane to the present group conformed by powerful bronze instruments.

The presentation of Chijra will be framed by a luminance system especially preparation and professional sound of first level.


Bond to emphasize that for this artistic evening, the presence of invited musicians is predicted, among them, Caesar Lizarazo, “Left, Dark brown Tony? Aryans, Daniel Waiter and the radial conductor Fabiana Tolaba.
Ezequiel Altamirano, Jose Luis Llanez, who are integral of the group and Pablo Quispe in charge of the encounter, is very contentments with this show.

“This it is a dream for the group?, mentioned, who consider that he is one of the most important scenes that has Jujuy. “He is something that we came gliding for a long time, and now we do not see the hour to be somehow giving back to all the affection and the support received throughout these years, with a show that surely was engraving in our hearts?, they affirm.

It is the first time that will be in the scene of the Miter, and therefore they consider that it is a great responsibility like group, as much in the musical comedy as in the putting. It is why for they come much spending time to offer the best thing.

We remember that Chijra is one of the jujeños groups that in spite of the adversities continue their projects musical, still continuous effective in people.

The members

At present the Chijra set is conformed by Jose Luis Llanez in voice, Ezequiel Altamirano in winds), Caesar Oviedo in animation and güiro, Jose Cross in the low one, Luis Sajama in bongoes, Javier Gorse in action, Carlos Gorse in keyboard, Luis first Reynoso in trombón, Daniel Vilte in second trombón and Leandro Patagua in trompeta.

The 15 years that were made feel in the capital jujeña that was reflected in the ticket offices of the theater and is why a great frame of public for this Thursday is expected where the group invites all friendly followers and public to participate in this celebration and through music to move to places and situations, accompanying crossing by all their history.


The artists, who are expectant before the presentation, began in the musical art in the factories of the Direction of Culture of San Salvador de Jujuy.
As of this moment, the musicians began to develop the songs that would comprise of their record works.

Some of the compositions are “I landed on water to You? (saya), “the horn? (cumbión), “Truste heart? (tinku), “Proud? (cumbia), “Jujeñita? (saya), “Bitter love? (saya), “Selection of carnavalitos? and “dear Fist? (saya).

These subjects correspond to the titled production “I landed on water to You?, that was recorded in 2006.
Another recognized song book of the grouping is the one that sent in 2005 under the title “Decídete?.
In this record material they included “Decídete? (saya), “I will not be able olvidarte? (saya), “Of fresh water and love? (tinkus), “In the distance? (cumbia), “Santusay? (tinku), “Dove of the soul mine? (cumbia), “Anateada? and “By love? (saya), among others compositions.

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