The Solari Indian made explode to his public in Jumps

The spectacle was realized in the stage Marteareana Father of the neighboring city.

Total celebration. Unusual call a spectacular night with “ricotera? fever… The titles are many that could head this chronic on event more important rocker of the last years in Jumps: the action of the “Indian? Solari.

But we remained short, since the one of last night in the stage Martearena Father could be said that he was historical. Not only by the show, that it had of the best thing as far as putting in scene, a perfect sound and, mainly, a game of lights and effects of images of first level. Also by all the social movement that from previous days and in the same behind schedule of yesterday accompanied the presence by the shave artist in land of Güemes.

“He jumps is more, crazy person, you deserve to be the capital of the rock at level country. This of the Indian was colossal and I believe that in the life I am going away to forget this show? expressed Germa'n, a young person of 21 years who did not stop of vitorear to his idol.

“The salteños do not occur to account the magnitude of this event. The Indian has own weight and is around any national idol. He jumps he has to the Nocheros, `Chaqueño' and now to `Indian'…?, limited as well a likeable Cordovan adorned with hairbands, several “piercings? and a black rower with the figure of “the Indian? idolized one in his chest.

The show began o'clock to 21,30. Previously, all the “ricotero folklore? was made in the beginning feel with force from all the sectors of the stage, doing the endurance of the show. The presence of a helicopter even generated ovaciones, because fans thought that within the ship it flew over the “Indian? Solari.

The singer, moved away of all estrellato, appeared in the scene with his simple clothes of dark pants, shirt to pictures and their typical black spectacles. With the first chords of the band this spectacular eddy of subjects began that the “bare one? unfolded in Jumps, province to which remembered like one of first where it touched in his beginnings and it was thankful for as much hospitality.

The Fundamentalists of the Conditioned air were the perfect support of Solari, that gave to subjects of its two discs soloists to which it clarified with several of “the round? stage. “He always requested subjects in the radio?, “the angel of the losers?, “the treasure of the innocents?, “charro Chinese?, “Everything a wood?, cheeps “It of the Blockbuster?, “the last curve?, “Martinies and Tafiroles?, “Jijiji?. Altogether they were 26 songs that sounded with a surprising power before a public who did not stop to dance, to sing and until “poguear? the subjects of the “Indian?.

An enormous screen LCD dominated the scene and gave multicoloured sparkles and visual effects that were confused with bengalas, the rockets and other elements pyrotechnicses that people used to adorn, next to tens of “rags?, one night historical in Jump.

The stage of the Tavella avenue for the first time receives megashow of rock, although his fans resists to this denomination. Semantic questions aside, the recital of last night had everything what it is required to describe it as impeccable.

The organization, the security, the accesses and mainly the behavior of the thousands of fanatics deserves highly favourable “10 congratulated? and marks the clear ones that when to people quality offers him mainly and security responds with good wave. Whole young people of all the ages, families and some cuarentones surrendered before this spectacular conclave of the “ricotera congregation?, that ovacionó to the great “Indian? Solari in a show that will be very difficult to forget.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

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