“The game of the fear I SAW?

The terror arrives again at the great screen with a macabre film.

The game of fear 6 (Saw I SAW, 2009) is, assumes, anteúltima gives of the saga more spectacular Gore of the last years. They follow the games, flashbacks confused and the suffocating siege of a dangerous serial assassin macabre still died.

Before the death of Strahm agent (Scott Patterson) and the emergent figure of the Hoffman detective (Mandylor Coasts) like natural successor of Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), all the mortal riddles will have a little more sense. Nevertheless, before the persecution of the Brigade of Criminal Investigation one will commit Hoffman to start up a searched carefully game that will provide ideological solutions to the problems of the meat.

The thinking human being has the capacity to get tired before the repetition. Meals, colors, scents, relations, routines and, by all means, images are some of the people in charge of the exhaustive deterioration of the factor surprise. In this case, the game of fear 6 evaporates any sign of newness betting to the safe thing: human masacramiento and enigmas without solving.

In case outside little, in January the shooting of seventh (yes begins, read well 7) that it will come in 3D (definitively it goes towards the visual resonance and the lost one of the form). The popular voices are divided between the abuse and the yield in the entertainment. Considering that Friday 13 has 16 versions (telling all spin-off) and Halloween 9, we think that the Game of the Fear goes in that plan and this one is, with the clarified reservation of which every time it is more for fanatics of the sort and not a popular film, to go towards an eternity legitimized by the villain and his tasks. Jigsaw is the major responsible for the perpetuation of a series that could have finished in a sequel (or at the most, in a trilogy).

In this delivery some questions are responded that have been floating in previous films. The game of fear 6 proposes to close problematic tangential that they came maintaining in liters from lymph and sadistic gratuity.

The film in himself does not give breathing until the last scene. Director Kevin Greutert (old publisher of all the saga of Saw) gives to a visual spectacle superior us to the 5 (that nebula where everything looks like and little it clarifies) and a trepidante rate in the 90 minutes of the film. That cannot refuse, avoiding the mentioned factor surprise, the film responds to the expectations of the lover of the terror cinema.

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