The Filial Argentine Mozarteum Jumps abre to its season with “Tango Trio?

The Filial Argentine Mozarteum Jumps announces the beginning of its Season 2010 with the presentation of Tango Trio, Saturday 8 of May, to 21,30, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460).

Tango Trio is integrated by three recognized interpreters of international trajectory: Néstor Marconi (bandoneón), Rafael Gintoli (violin), and Juan Navarrese Pablo (contrabass).

Néstor Marconi is considered at international level like one of the most outstanding bandoneonístas. Its name has been associate to the tango of Buenos Aires since the beginning of the decade of 1970 next to figures of the stature of Horacio Salgán, Astor Piazzolla, Enrique Francini and Héctor Stamponi, among others, acting in Europe, Japan and diverse countries of America. Tango of Carlos Saura has acted with the orchestra of Frank Sinatra and made famous violoncellista I-I Man and in the film.

Rafael Gintoli was awarded like Better Argentine Interpreter by the Association of Critics (1999); Prize to the Trajectory by the Academy Argentina de Música; Prize Ancestry to Classic Music (2000); Better Interpreter in Music of Camera by the Argentina Association de Musical Críticos (2002); along with Paula Peluso, he received the prize to Better Group of Argentine Camera (2003); Prize Excellent Personality of the Culture granted by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires (2007).

Finally, Juan Navarrese Pablo, evolved as soloist of contrabass in the Symphony orchestra of Mar del Plata and paralelamente integrated the Quintet of Cords Silvering-plate, grouping dedicated to the diffusion of the folklore and the tango. In the Theater Columbus of Buenos Aires, Federico acted like member of the quartet of Leopoldo, next to the Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires.

In this opportunity, the recognized Tango Trio will unfold in the Mozarteum Salta all their talent in a concert that consists of three parts. In first, just by of bandoneón, works of Bardi, Troilo will be interpreted, Manzi, Aita, Cobián and Cadícamo. Second it will be a tribute to Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Him Pear, with the wonderful pieces When you are not and the day that you want to me. Third it will be a tribute to Astor Piazzolla with his made famous Goodbye Nonino, among others works. In order to finalize, most well-known and spread of the tangos, the cumparsita of Matos Rodriguez.

The Filial Argentine Mozarteum Jumps

Like Civil Association For charity, the Argentine Mozarteum was founded on 1952 and is a private institution that is outstanding in the country through an excellent trajectory. In the Province of It jumps was inaugurated the first Branch of this institution in 1981, with the main target to promote and to spread music in all manifestations, understanding that one is one of the pillars of our culture.

Throughout all these years numerous concerts and activities are being realized, in order to approach the salteños, consecrated proposals internationally national and. The Mozarteum Salta grants in addition scholarships to students and students to music so that they attend all the concerts organized by the organization and collaborates in the improvement of salteños musical futures.

One of the pillars of its work consists of presenting/displaying year after year participant artists of the seasons and international festivales of greater prestige. They have happened through Jumps artists and sets of the category of the Orchestra and singing children of Vienna, Beethoven Quartet of Rome, singers of the Mariinsky academy of Saint Petersburg (Russia), Octet of violoncelos of France, Young Philharmonic Orchestra of Friburgo (Germany), Horacio Lavandera and Ivan Rutkauskas (piano), among others.

General entrance with location to $60, for sale in the Ticket office of the House of the Culture.

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