The Museum “Terry? and the program for this January

Musical, plastic, photographic proposals, and until projections of films, are some of the options in Tilcara.

There are things that, in Tilcara, are fulfilled accurately: Passovers, first of August, All the Saints, Christmas, the Carnivals. In the same way, and always in due time, Lito Sandoval gives to the programming of the Regional Painting Museum “Jose to us Antonio Terry?. Perhaps whoever silence and art in the middle of fárrago noisy that is synonymous to be in January in Tilcara, only need to cross the doors of that colonial large house that is abre to two inner patios and to their exhibition halls.

Saturday the photographies of Daniel Roitenburd centered under the title of “Women? will appear, and the work of Horacio Calcina, a painter del that already we know its language strong colors and bodies reconstructed with a personal proportion that, perhaps, reflects one of the passages of the Bohemian tilcareña. 13 Wednesday Leaño Oar will present/display an own song book, an approach from the verse written to the experience of the song.

Thursday 14, engineer agrónoma Magda Choquevilca, coordinator of the Tecnicatura in Regional Kitchen and Nourishing Culture of Tumbaya, will be in charge of char it on the regional kitchen quebradeña. Its long experience to walk rescuing ancestral cultures and to study its derivatives, is guarantee of not losing itself more before a question that, seeming simple, is perhaps very complex, when the regional thing is confused with the tourist thing or it is tried to extend the millenarian.

The 21 the musical spectacle “Charangos of the Soul? appears. Of it, it tells to Severe Huarita Colque, that “in Bolivia, when we went to the Congress the International of the Charango, that was realized in Potosí, and the Guiness record became where they touched 1,270 charanguistas, touching together seven melodies us of famous Bolivian composers?. The musician told that with Elio Gutiérrez and Miguel Vilca Angel they were ovacionados by the students of charango. “When lowering of the scene they said to us: ' what pretty that touched the diablitos, Mr. Warita, touched with the soul', and for that reason it happened oneself to us to put that name to him to the concert. We are going to participate musical in Maimará, Tilcara, Purmamarca, and one is going away to feel pure charango. The strong number is going to be with Elio Gutiérrez and Miguel Vilca Angel, and later they are going to be passing the rest of the charanguistas?, commented.

Saturday 23 they will be the sculptures and paintings of the entrerriano Alfredo Carvoni titled “Oils on carpets and ceramic?, and the photographies “Colors that Fly? of the group Dove of Kevin Zaouali, Luis Calizaya, Balthasar Ramos and Américo Vilte. Thursday 28 will appear By the Ways of the Malón of La Paz, a documentary one realized by Bettendorff Solitude and Diego Rosemary, of the group Our Deep America. Following with the films, Friday 29 will see “Hermógenes Key? and “Medardo Pantoja?, of Jorge PreLoran.

Already closing January, the Mixture inaugurations “and Other Grass? will take place, it shows plastic of Carlos Guerrero, and “Time, Earth and Color?, of Yurquina Marks, that will be until February.

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