The recital “Rock by Mariana?, tonight in Beelzebul

My Karma González, Giroscopo and Teddy Kruegger will act.

For the musicians of My Karma González, Teddy Kruegger and Giroscopo the one of today it will be one night special because they will meet in the scene of Beelzebul to help a friend. “Rock by Mariana? is the name of the recital to benefit that the three bands salteñas will offer today, from the 21, in Necochea 748.

During the show drawings will be realized and all the collected one will be destined to the medecine purchase for Mariana Barttolotta, that suffers lupus.

Mariana Barttolotta is 31 years old and suffers of lupus, a disease that it does not have cures but that can be controlled with remedies of by life which nowadays they are very expensive. It is why their friendly were united to organize this moved that it has like objective to contribute a sand granite so that the young person can bear his daily fight.

My Karma Gónzalez is integrated by salteños musicians who touch reggae and other styles. On the other hand, Teddy Kruegger, integrated by Emiliano Livelli (low and voice), Gastón Oliver (sintetizadores), Tote Oil mill (battery) and Facundo Urtazun (guitar), finishes publishing its first album “Magnetic orientation?.

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