The rock stone of Paranoiac Mice in concert

Tomorrow it is the chosen day so that the boys are with one of the bands of greater trajectory in our country.

Tomorrow the “Small square of the Carriage makers? (behind RIM 20) will be the point of contact so that youth jujeña enjoys the good rock stone next to the Paranoiac Mice, within the framework of the National Celebration of the Students.

From the 14, east gratuitous youthful festival will begin that is denominated “We celebrate the Spring without Alcohol? and that, in addition, will tell on the musical presence of Gallego next to different local bands that they will give a spectacle to pure rock.

Sunday is the chosen day so that the jujeños boys eet again with the band stone with greater importance in our country.

Emblem of the national musical scene, with riff rocanroleros, hits and trajectory is some of the characteristics that gave the award him of a consolidated band that writes the history of the rock and roll in Spanish with reputation. This is the grouping of “Juanse?, “Sarco?, “Roy? and Memi, Paranoiac Mice, that make rock with own sound.

And it is that more than twenty years in music, they guarantee the trajectory of this formation that, with his last titled record work like his name “Paranoiac Mice?, it tries to return to the essential from his origins.

Tomorrow it will be the occasion so that the musicians interpret the flaming songs of an album that has the participation of the recognized Luis Alberto Spinetta in “Japanese Sacrifice?, subject that wrote and composed.

Another one of the surprises that the recent disc produced by Andrew Oldham has, is that it counts on a song of the Spanish pair Laziness, titled “I am strange to You?.
Than two decades journeyed more by the rockera footpath they speak of this formation like everything a classic one in the national industry.

For this reason, also subjects will march past that marked the success and the popularity of these native musicians of the province of Buenos Aires, like “the rock of the cat?, “Rock of the piece?, “Vice?, “Juana de Arco?, “For always? and “Continues turning?, among others hits.
Esthetic and the sound imitating to Rolling Stones takes place from the same moment at which “Juanse? decided to dedicate itself to music.

Perhaps by that revolt, it mixes of his personage and of his own personality, it consisted to find a company to them record that it was arranged to contract them (in its beginnings). This musical spectacle is supported by the Safe Tribuno de Jujuy, Carrefour, Lukar, Ejesa, Bank Macro, Caruso, You walk Air lines, Balut, Sport Rocha, Phoenician Hotel, Kolor Show Show, Stops of the Vine and MG Constructions.

Gentility of the Tribuno de Jujuy

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