“Following? in the cinema the Ledesma theater

An accomplishment of Ucumar Films, the group of theater Flame thrower and the local municipality. The opening will be tomorrow to 22.

Ucumar Films, the group of theater Flame thrower and the Municipality of General Liberator San Martin will present/display “the Following one?, a film with ledesmenses artists that was filmed in Urundel, in the middle of the past year.

“The Following one? is a film of Caorlin Marks, that will be released tomorrow to 22 in the cinema Ledesma theater and is supported by the Municipality of General Liberator San Martin, with the support of the intendant Jorge Ramon Ale.

“The Following one? is a production based on one of first stories of the prestigious writer jujeño Héctor Tizón.

For this reason, this one is the third film of Ucumar Films next to the theater group Flame thrower.

In this film it is tried to show to the experiences of “the? war and the consequent consequences in undergo those who it, directly or indirectly.

There, where the good and the evil have indecipherable limits and where the urgency requires immediate actions without mediating in them, often, the reason.
“The Following one? was filmed in Urundel (province of Jumps) during the months of Julio and August of the past year.

The protagonists

Member state the accomplishment, all the actors belongs to the theater group Flame thrower, directed by professor Alvaro Red Roman, or is neighboring with actorales aptitudes that want to contribute to the local culture.

For this reason, Juan Zelaya, Naza Ibañez, Brenda Castle, Silvia DIP, Gustavo Chaves, Mateo Crenovich, Silvia Go'mez, Juan Go'mez, Mónica Alderete, Martin Tuma and Ariel Farfán participate in this filmic work, among others.

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