The sound of the guitar of Marks Fist in Jumps

The guitarist Marks Fist will appear in Jumps, Thursday 5 of November, to 21, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture, Caretakers 460. The program includes the following repertoire: Great Only Op. 14, of Fernando Sister; Mazurca and Southern Sonatina of Manuel Ponce; next the guitarist will interpret Sonata K. 11, 32 Sonata K. and Sonata K. 27 of Domenico Scarlatti; Kollavina de Eduardo Digs; Puna and Kaluyo de Gustavo Kantor; and Sevillan Fantasy of Joaquin Turina.

Marks Fist were born in Oruro in 1977. One graduated like professor of guitar in the Conservatory of Music of Montevideo, Uruguay, where it studied with Mario Payssé. In this country also he was disciple of Abel Carlevaro and Eduardo Fernandez. In addition, Eduardo Isaac (in Argentina) and Eduardo Baranzano contributed to their formation (in Spain). Fist has a postgraduate on Flamenco Guitar and interpretation of Spanish Music realized with Manuel Seeded in the prestigious Conservatory of the Grammar school of Barcelona, Spain.

Fist is winning of manifolds First Prize: Contest the International of Guitar of Zarautz (Spain, 2007); Contest the International of Guitar Caesar Curtains (Montevideo, 2003); Contest of Selection of Musical Youths (Montevideo, 1996); National contest of Classic Guitar of Bolivia (Tarija, 1994), among others

It realized innumerable concerts in cities of Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Panama, the United States, Spain, Germany and Austria, as guest to great festivales of the instrument and also like jury of national and international contests and like soloist of different orchestras.

CDs published three: Spanish concert (1998), South American Stroll (2004) and Live (2005), recorded in a successful concert in Montevideo. Like also the DVD Decacorde Guitar (2007).

General entrance to $10 for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture.

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