The Factory of theater replaces Tupac Amaru

One is a version of Osvaldo Dragún, with direction and putting in scene of Edmundo Asfora.
Today and tomorrow to 21,30 the University Factory of Jujuy (Tunju) will replace the version of Osvaldo Dragún of the work “Tupac Amaru?. It will do it in his own room of avenue Bolivia 1685 of this capital. The direction and putting in scene are of Edmundo Asfora.

From 1985 Tunju it offers theater tools to the university students, like also to the interested ones in the discipline. And indeed the final work of factory 2009 is the putting “Tupac Amaru?.

The actoral list is integrated by Sonia Juárez, Mario Calisaya, Carlos Tereñes, Oscar Galdo, Carlos Lee, Diego Aima, Ciro Montaño, Juan Jose Visich and Carlos Bustamante.

The work deals with aspects the life of Tupac Amaru and his wife Micaela Bastidas and her revolt against the Spanish oppression during years 1780 and 1781. It approaches the battles that followed one another, the prison of Tupac and its family, the torments undergone and their death next to his wife. The scenes pass in a nonconventional space.

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