The Black Theater of the Prague retakes an old dream of the man: to fly

The company directed by Jirí Srnec returns to our city to present/display “the flying bicycle?. This adventure of love and magic will raise scene today, from the 21, in the Theater of the Orchard.

“The flying bicycle? is classic of the Czech company that appeared in Latin America by first and a unique time in 2001.

Fluorescent objects that float in a totally black stage scene, handled by invisible bodies. Personages who recreate histories in which the power of the imagination is able to transfer to great and small to a magical world where everything is possible when he is able to dream about the open eyes. This is the proposal that the original Black Theater of the Prague, founded by the artist Jirí Srnec, comes maintaining, of uninterrupted way, for 49 years and that cause that their permanence in the time is unique and undisputed.

In these almost five decades of trajectory, the company realized innumerable spectacles by different countries from the world, astonishing and captivating to children and adults, but it is his classic “flying bicycle? that, besides consecrating it at international level, is the theater piece and musical that it more likes to interpret. With new incorporations but respecting the original script based on a love history and fantasy, the work will arrive at Jumps in means of a tour that the Czech list is realizing by the country. The function will be made today, to 21, in the Theater of the Orchard.

Fantasy and surrealismo

“The flying bicycle? is a piece dedicated to the dreams of the men, especially to the one to fly. It relates the adventures of an inventor who, fascinated with the wings of the birds, uselessly tries to make fly to a bicycle until, thanks to the intervention of Cupid, he manages to fall in love with a girl and to fulfill his great yearning. When discovering the love in a woman, the man realizes of which the power is in the interior and the noblest feelings.

The work, presented/displayed in Latin America by first and unique time in 2001, return to turn by our country with the same structure and the same technique but in a modernized version.

On the matter, Ricardo Kugler, representative in Latin America of the Black Theater of the Prague, explained that this new piece counts on a renewed list (thirteen actors altogether, of that only five are visible to the public and the rest is in charge of the manipulation of the objects), with the exception of Vladimir Kubicek, the unique member that remains stable and also it fulfills the roll of artistic director in tour. Kugler added that in this present version of “the flying bicycle? the incorporation of an element stands out that makes showy and overwhelming still more: the contemporary dance, in charge of the dancing and coreógrafa Adéla Srncová, daughter of the founder. “A captivating mixture of dance, music, theater, actors who see and that they are not seen, and objects that move magically?, it summarized.

Histories that they captivate

The Czech artist Jirí Srnec created his Black Theater of the Prague in 1961 when she was carrying out a practical work for the university. Today the company, conceived like a familiar company integrated by its wife and her three children, is about turning 50 years to fascinate whichever spectator would have the opportunity to see it in action.

Ricardo Kugler, that also feels like part of the Srnec family and is a great admirer of its untiring work, observed that the key of its permanence in the time is, exactly, in histories created by Srnec, beyond the consisting of technique the manipulation of puppets, the glorification of fluorescent objects and the invisibility of handles that them, thanks to the ultraviolet technology. “I believe that the secret of the success has to do with the conception that has Srnec of its spectacles and their scripts. What he does is totally surrealistic and what tries it is that the adults have something of that innocence who have the children and both are entered in a fantasy world. Perhaps they are two totally different worlds then, but as it is happening the time is understood of different ways. The boy is going who it to see today, within 10 years is going to find another thing?.

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