The propose interesting theater offers to the public

The works will raise scene in the Argentina Association de Actores, in the Hall Auditorium and in the Foundation It jumps.

Attractive theater proposals will be able to be enjoyed the weekend in different rooms of the capital salteña. Bajofondo Theater Club will replace the work “fitito?; group n will return to the Hall Auditorium with “Cleaning?, while in the Foundation It jumps will continue the I Provincial Encounter of Theater for Adults Majors.

“Fitito?, of Cecilia Propato, will recover today and tomorrow, to 22, in the room of the Argentina Association de Actores (Rivadavia 937). Under the Thin direction of Carlos, they carry out the work Natasia Rivero, Carolina Sató, Andrea Yacuzzi, Rafael Amado and Joti Hernandez.

On the other hand, the theater piece “Cleaning?, carried out by group n, will return to the scene of the hall Auditorium (Belgrano 1349). The work, of the tucumano Carlos Maria Alsina, will appear today and tomorrow Saturday, to 22, and Sunday, to 20.30. “Cleaning? is based on a real fact, when, before the arrival of Videla, governor de facto Bussi ordered to do an operative one of “cleaning? in Tucuman, that consisted of removing to all the paupers from the city and leaving them in the middle of a mount of Catamarca.
Also, in the continuity of the theater for adults, from the 21,30 in the room of General Güemes 434, the work “Acordate of the letter? will be put today in scene, a collective creation, of the group of theater Fullness, under the direction of Fat' s Ferrario. The encounter will extend until next Monday.

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