The theater salteño bankruptcy the routine of the districts of our city

The Traveling MetaTeatro is formed by a group of workers of the tables of our means.

The emotions, histories, the tangles and the magic of the theater left to cross the city. Who said that to see a work the public had to move to a conventional room? According to the group of actors of MetaTeatro that one is not an excluding slogan. For that reason, they cheer up to take by the districts its proposals and to approach much people the possibility of being contributor of a different spectacle. The 26 of April began the route, that is date of conclusion in order day old.

The MetaTeatro group is integrated by Ana Barreto, Andrea Garci'a, Daniel Chacón, Elsa Mamaní, Liliana Castro, Luciana Rajal, Pablo Dragone and many collaborators. One is a group of management conformed by workers of the theater of Jumps, who join themselves from October of 2008 to discuss and to plan questions of the theater task.

By action of MetaTeatro many projects saw the light, among them the First MetaTeatro Festival, realized in August of 2009 in centric rooms of the city of Jumps.

“Soon the necessity arose to go by the districts to act in spaces public. We became echo of the order of people and also it was our desire to approach theater works people who habitually do not have the possibility of concurring to the rooms. This way it is caused that more people can know and enjoy the local spectacles?, explained Pablo Dragone in dialog with the Tribuno.

It is the first time that is carried out Traveling the MetaTeatro festival “the theater salteño crosses the districts of Jumps?. In order to develop the project, the members of the group made managements before the Municipality of Jumps. Initially the previous group to offer four monthly functions by the different districts from the city, until year end. “We hoped that the project grows with the support of the community. Our interest is to create theater spaces and to train the public who attends?, expressed Dragone.

More than twenty lists

Different theater lists have been added to the initiative. They are twenty people pertaining to six groups of independent theater of the province: The sardinera of the north, the coffer, Net Weight theater, the sweet moon, Insignes cotudos and On the verge of being fish.

The proposal is “for all the tastes?. Those that will walk by the districts they are more than ten works than treat subjects thought for children and adults. They are comedies and dramas in theater of puppets and theater of actors who, until year end, will cross the scenes mounted in different points from the city.

“It seems to Us that most important it is than through this project is democratising the culture. We are conscious that for different reasons the public does not arrive at the theater room. Many of the adult spectators commented to us that it is the first time who attend to see a play?, said Pablo Dragone. And it added: “The ignorance of the theater does not respond only to reasons economic, but also cultural, and in this sense it is exposed the lack of policies. On the other hand, the project aims to wake up in the public brings back to consciousness of which all we must right to accede to produced the cultural and artistic goods in our means, besides that come from other places?.

The works that already raised scene are “Oniria?, in City of the Miracle; “Asulunala?, in the Tribuno; “Brave until the teeth?, in 20 of February and “Red Gorrita?, in Villa Floresta.

“We are surprised by the answer of the public, we have presented/displayed five functions from April with a great concurrence. This takes to us to reflect on the importance of our activity and the contribution to our culture. The theater allows to observe other expressions and to discover the own potentialities offering the possibility of personal, cultural, spiritual and social growth. It is a form of communication of the human being. It returns to unite the dispersed society, to unite it in a communitarian fact?, defined Dragone.

The May billboard

The group Goal Theater promises to continue taking its art to whichever place is possible to him to arrive. “Some neighbors find out the festival and they ask to us that we include its district as soothes. Our idea is that the theater crosses all the spaces of our city?, concluded Pablo Dragone. The program of presentations anticipated for the course of the month is the following one:

The theater piece “a day I went away…?, will raise scene Wednesday 12 of May, from the 11, in center Infantile “Color of the Hope? (Xamena and Echeverria, district South Bulogne Mer). In charge of the group On the verge of to be fish, integrated by the titiriteras Elsa Mamaní and Andrea Garci'a.

“Oniria? will appear Saturday 15 of May, to 11, in the factory of the Technical School Nº 1 (district San Cayetano), in charge of the list Net Weight Theater, with the activities of Daniel Chacón, Pablo Dragone and Marcelo Cioffi.

On the other hand, “the Misunderstanding? will recover Sunday 23 of May, to 21, in the library Juan Carlos Dávalos (10 of October 551, Villa Chartas), in charge of the Sardinera of the North. They act: Ana Barreto, Cecilia Sutti, Julieta Cordova, Juan Carrega Cross and Daniel Chacón.

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