Encounter of dances in San Pedro

2010 of the Academy Argentina Fusion will be realized today in the vestibule of the central Church within the framework of the opening of the cycle.

Tonight, the “Rep it of the Branch? it will be scene for the presentation of the different academies from dances folkloric of the province, within the framework of the beginning of cycle 2010 of the Institute of Art Folkloric, organization groups that them. More than 200 dancers, all students of the schools of dances, tonight from the 21, they will unfold its magic and its talent in front the vestibule of the first temple, on the Miter street. The hosts in this opportunity will be the members of “Argentina Fusion?, that is also prepared to initiate this new stage in the present cycle, after to have made to important prizes and profits in the 2009 deserving. He is possible to limit that the students of the Academy of Dance Argentina Fusion of San Pedro de Jujuy, participated in a national contest realized in Villa Carlos Peace, where they obtained prizes. The contest was organized by the Inter-American Confederation of Dance (CIAD) that groups the professionals of the dance and whose president is Rodolfo Solmoirago.

In the contest delegations of the provinces of Chaco participated, Formosa, Jumps, Jujuy, Currents, Neuquén, San Luis, Mendoza, Chubut, Buenos Aires, Between Rivers, Tierra Del Fuego, Cordova and Jujuy with a good competitive level. Between the 270 numbers of dance of the participant provinces Argentina Fusion obtained three first prizes and one second.

Satisfied by the obtained profits, professors and parents of the Academy Argentina Fusion they will tonight receive dancers of all the schools of the province inviting to live an evening in which Argentinean and dances of other countries will walk their enchantment in pentagrama folkloric.

The educational Pink Maria Martinez referred that Argentina Fusion was born in November of 2008 and its name makes reference to the conjunction of the different cultures that arrived to settle down themselves in this Argentine ground, bringing not only its customs but in addition all their heap. Next to their daughter Agostina Sayas, Arab professor of dances, maintains that the dance is an expression of the soul through body, if one feels in soul a cat, a tango or any other expression is going to dance.

We think that fusing of the dances she does at the level of the student. For that reason to the student who does folklore we incorporated other rates to him like the Arab, classic, sauce, among others. We fuse the dances so that the body is expressed in all the senses ".

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