Tonight they replace “the state of the neutral one?

Work of the group Pupil Zero, written and directed by Jimena Soza Sybil.

The theater group Pupil Zero presents/displays again tonight, the work “the state of the neutral one?, of Jimena Soza Sybil.

The appointment is to 22 in the Theater of the Return of the Century (Senator Perez 178).

The putting shows the intense privacy of women recently turned into friendly.

The author says, that “it is a personal biography and grupalà is a cut of situations, of real materials and bonds?. And the question is: “how is clear the friendship between people, when nothing terrible nor beautiful happens? ?, and without doubts it is raised with all the necessary ingredients that they count a history, of every day, without nothing extraordinary, with the tone and the subjects that at first never would finish in a play. The certain thing is that it is exactly from that novel perspective, that Soza Sybil works who in addition directs east spectacle.

The work will also recover the next Thursday and Friday to 22.

Account with the activities of Orchard Rivadineira, Lorraine Hill, Beatriz Fernandez Salinas and Gerald Albarracín.

The putting allows a capacity of 45 spectators. The sale of entrances abre two hours before each function.

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