Tonight, it raises scene Lisandro Aristimuño

Lisandro Aristimuño will present/display the Chronicles of the Wind, its new record work, this Tuesday 20 of April, to 22, in the Room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460).

In his third visit to Jumps, Aristimuño will arrive with new compound and partly recorded material, in Europe during a tour of three months in which it appeared by diverse cities of Spain and Belgium, where it got to share scene with musicians of the stature of Jorge Drexler.

This fourth double disc titled Chronicles of the Wind was published by its own record seal Blue Wind. Between the guests who recorded this disc is: Fito Paéz, Pandolfo Wood, Diego Frenkel and the Spanish Quique González.

Lisandro was born in Viedma, Negro River and lives in Buenos Aires from 2001. Turkish Blue the specialized critic described to its first disc (2004) between 50 better discs of the year. Artist was appointed revelation by the magazines Rolling Stone and Inrockuptibles. In 2009 he obtained the award in the category Pop music of the prizes Bugler.

Way to occupy a place between the great ones of national music, Lisandro Aristimuño continues being a breathing and a trip by the interior of the song.

The anticipated entrances have a cost of $35 and $40 in door and can be acquired in the Ticket office of the House of the Culture.

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