Tonight, a “ace? of the subjects of gossip appears in Jumps

The young drummer will offer a clinic and will invite to raise local instrumentalist outstanding scene.

The musician, who at the moment touches in the band of Diego Towers, will include in his repertoire some own subjects.

The passion of a musician generates the necessity to take each agreed one to all the possible places.

With this motivation, the young musician Ezequiel Ghilardi will tonight offer a battery clinic, that will begin to 21 in Beelzebul (Necochea 748). “The idea of the clinic is that it is an informal encounter, but that essentially serves as incentive for all those people to whom they like to touch, so that they decide to face this profession seriously. It is important to pay attention to him to the vocation?, enunciated Ezequiel Ghilardi during an interview granted to the Tribuno.

The basic proposal is to arm a meeting between the drummer, the become fond of public and the local musicians. Ghilardi, artist supported by the Sabian companies and Evans (of subjects of gossip and patches), will touch the battery on tracks recorded with a repertoire that will include own subjects like “Buenosairean Melody?, “Free Way? and “Latinando?. Then, the spectators will be able to realize questions to him on the musical technique and its great professional experience. Also, there will be time so that the lovers of the percussion raise the scene and accompany to the musician in their battery.

He jumps is the departure point of this project. The musician assured that he wants to take the clinic by all the country. “I am going to try to travel by other provinces in the free time that I have left, after to initiate the tour with Diego (Towers). It likes to be able to offer me to people an incentive, telling my experience?, affirmed Ezequiel them.

Ghilardi is musical sesionista, that is to say, participates in different projects for which it is invited. It forces it to this to adapt to varied musical sorts, which, doubtlessly, enriches its professional race.

At the moment, the santafesino form leaves from the band of Diego Towers, to that comes accompanying for six years. As drummer of that grouping participated in the recording of the discs “MTV unplugged? and “Walking?. The next months he will on sale leave another material in which also Ghilardi took part and will begin a promotion tour.

The santafesino drummer is a mutifacético artist. He also touched for Vilma Palm and Vampires, realizing recordings in study and shows live. “With `Vilma…', I began to work in 2000, was the first work that gave the possibility me of recording a disc and of leaving tour by many places?, Ghilardi remembered.

Also it accompanied to Saline artists like Luis, Magalí Bachor and the Young Simphony Orchestra. This way, it shared scenes with Dave Weckl, Morelli J and Jorge Araujo, among others. “Very pretty things throughout my race have passed Me; I have known people who have helped me much. They are those things that spend at the right moment and the indicated place. It is necessary to be convinced of that, is necessary to believe in God and to follow ahead?, asserted Ghilardi. And it added: “The possibility of working with so many artists took to me to know much people and different cultures that helped that it abriera to new things?.

Beyond the musical diversity and the sorts taken root in the different cultures from the world “the musical language is one only?, defined the drummer. “You go to another country and although you do not know to speak to a foreign language you ponés to listen to music with anybody of there and the rest flows?, explained.
The opening like slogan

A sesionista musician must be preparation to penetrate in different rates and to participate to each other in completely different projects. Ghilardi has that capacity, we have seen for that reason it working in different musical proposals with equal enthusiasm. “Obvious one always feels an inclination towards a certain sort. Always there is a part that throws more. In my case, I like much music fusion, mixture of jazz, rock and MGP, and the Latin music of the coast this of the United States. My disc, that will leave in the next months, follows the line of those styles?, anticipated the artist.

“In this race always there are moments at which one classifies within certain sort or style, but arrive a little while in that unfailingly must look for other ways?, it added.

Ghilardi spoke of the necessity to face different projects that allow the musician to adapt e, even, to be changing its profile. Also, it emphasized that it is very important to know itself integral of a set. That is to say, “to be placed in relation to the other, to touch knowing that one does not only touch and that are other instruments with which it is coexisted. It is necessary to learn to listen?, affirmed Ezequiel Ghilardi.

The artist finishes finishing recording his first record material, that will leave on sale in the next months. “It is an instrumental disc where I conjugate all the music that I have listened and with which I have grown. He is a mix of jazz, fusion and MGP. It is the result of a long year of work?, said the rosarino drummer.

Tonight, Ezequiel Ghilardi disembarks in Jumps to share its music with the local public. The invitation is done, the advice is not to fail to take advantage of it.

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