This it is my body, you eat all of him

The young artist salteña presents/displays an installation with an retort of his body turned into unleavened bread.

The artist salteña Manuela de la Cruz rides on two passions: the scenic arts and the visual arts. For that reason, their artistic projects look for a confluence between both disciplines, using the body as sustenance. In the sample that at the moment presents/displays in the Fedro Gallery (Alberdi 1034), the sculptor offers an installation and objects that are transparent that search in which it has embarked. Manuela (that with this exhibition inaugurates its presence in Jumps), chose to give itself like food, on a table. “I made an retort of my bread body. I did it because from the original idea it wanted to work with the real body like matter. By certain circumstance (institutional), that possibility refused to me. Then I put myself to think why it wanted to use my body and not another material. I realized of which for me he is something essential, fundamental. If our body is not, it does not exist nothing else, because we did not perceive. I meant the same of another form. The unleavened bread (without leavening) is one of the oldest foods of the humanity. Only water and horneada flour (or simply dried to the sun). This, added to all the symbolic load that entails `the bread of every day' like which the man cannot need Earth body-matter?, explained the young artist, daughter of a great creator, Alexander de la Cruz, deceased in 2003. Manuela is finalizing its degree in Visual Arts with direction to sculpture, in the IUNA (Buenos Aires). In 2009 it gained the special mention in sculpture of the prize Prilidiano Pueyrredón. Paralelamente, worked in scenographic accomplishments and studied in the School Argentina de Mimo, Expression and Corporal Communication of Elizondo Angel.

Between the objects that are also exposed in Fedro is “Shell?, a work that does not comprise of the installation of the body made bread, but that stops Manuela has a “very special weight?:

“It is a resignificación of a toy that to me my papa did when she was small: a wood turtle with rueditas. I thought about making a toy for me, now, and a shell was happened to me that adapted body. In order to close this sense, the photographer Juan Longobardi, it made a registry of the action dress to me in this new toy?.

Manuela de la Cruz says that their artistic works aim to contact. Across, clearly, he is the spectator. “Always there is an idea like departure point, and another one (sometimes the same, sometimes different, sometimes one that I discover during the process) like destination. Both are for me as important as the materialization. Those ideas also are present in the person who observes and interprets my works, to that I always remember, from the creation?.

Today Manuela already passed the barrier of the 25 and, watching back, it does not reach to descry the precise moment in that the destiny revealed its creative vocation to him. “The option to dedicate me to the sculpture was something that still happened to me and I do not know how. Right the year that my papa died I I had entered the IUNA. The sculpture as direction of my race were not an election either. It did not find sense in other things, either the sculpture as object satisfies me; I need the space, but also the movement and the action. The human body driving in the space is what it completes to me?, confessed.

Manuela kneaded its bread body and, although the gesture is autorreferencial, can suggest a social reading. “Of girl I read a conference in which Garci'a Lorca spoke on the interference of the art in the changes of articles of incorporation. It said something as well as that `the art is the barometer that marks to the greatness or the smallness of a nation'. One talked about a frivolous theater that then was fashionable in Spain (during the Civil War). When I read that, it would have 14 or 15 years, I decided that it was going to dedicate to me to `to wake up societies' through art. With time, the idea went away diluting and my messages now go towards thoughts excite that me at the moment. Sometimes (like now), in my works encounter coldness, frivolity and narcissism, but anyway I believe that they reflect characteristics of the society in alive which?, Manuela reflected.

The sample can be appraised in Alberdi 1034. It is suggested to call before, to decide the visit: 4235884.

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