Successful Festive beginning of XXXIV the Folkloric one of the Huancar

The launching was with an act the past Mondays, in which there were words, and activities of first level, that anticipate the encounter.

From the night of the last Monday, already everything knows to folklore, because the centric streets of old Siberia Argentina embriagan of music and songs for all time, is that the thirty fourth edition of the Folkloric Festival of the Huancar started up, but the aged one of the festivales of its type that are realized in the territory jujeño.

Without comparison, without pride, but with unrestricted respect to the expressions that arise from the popular culture, It abra Pampas or it abrió the doors of his generous heart to receive the singers and popular musicians on the one hand, and by another one to tourists which or they overwhelmed the hotel infrastructure with the capital of the puneños, it is that the mysterious call of the Huancar and his salamancas has precise obedience of own and visitors.

The launching

As it was anticipated, at night of Monday one became serious with the tourist launching of this new edition of the Folkloric Festival of the Huancar in a special ceremony that the municipal intendant Ariel presided over Adolph Crusher next to members of his cabinet and accompanied by the holder of the Deliberative Council, Juan Isidro Vilca, and they could not lack the workers of the culture, neighbors and an important amount of tourists.

After words of Director Municipal of Culture and Tourism, Wilfredo Viterman Valdivieso, who emphasized the importance of the extension of the activities that they half-close to the central celebration of the festivalero Huancar, was presented/displayed the person in charge of the flaming Office of Tourism, Gabriel Tolaba, son of the folklorista outstanding Alfredo Héctor Tolaba; he must stand out that with the qualification of this office the work is fortified that is realized in favor of the tourism.

Also the intendant Ariel Machaca spoke, who was thankful for the disinterested sample of support of the community abra-pampeña to the benefit of the Festival of the Huancar.

This last one weighed the commitment of the Director of Culture and Tourism, of flaming designation, indicating that Valdivieso will know to continue by the difficult footpath abierta by Facundo Raul Crusher, footpath that exactly leads to the revaluation of the cultural manifestations of the towns of the north jujeño.

The songs thrown to flight in the sweet voice of Paula Aryan, and the regional poetry next to the dances set out by dancers of the Cultural Group Takin Tusuy, comprised of the ceremony of launching of the Festival of the Huancar, which became serious with the traditional tape cut to leave inaugurated the Museum of the regional customes and the samples of photographies of the zone in charge of Raul Tabarcache and Reinaldo Alexander Waiter, exhibitions that will be qualified to the public until next Saturday.

But all the Fist waits for the night of Friday that comes, day of the first festivalera day, and the most waited for it is Saturday since the presence of the national figure of Victor Heredia, singer of the deepest truths of our nation, already causes such commotion that the hotel reserves are overwhelmed.

And nor what to think than it will be Sunday in the natural scene there that is the Huancar for the song jujeño that scatters from these heights towards all the country and this part of brown America.

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