“Cubistas and futurist Expression of the Structure?, images

Tonight to 20 the pictorial exhibition will be inaugurated “Expression of the Structure? of Hernán Gonza'les in the Popular Library.
Sixteen works demonstrate the construction of the value that generates the sense of beauty of the daily thing, of which arises that element so practitioner as present and direct who is the contemplation of the esthetic surroundings like vital aspect of our present.
The artist will exhibit works of subjects and situations of boarded Jujuy in a style in which cubistas and futurist pictorial styles through a personal approach come together.
The visitors to the sample will be able to be with elements of the cubism, without fulfilling the qualities strictly characteristic of that style.

From the futurismo, he comes that search and sensation of movement and dynamism generated by the use of constant diagonals and linear rates of color and form.

The sample will be qualified from today to the next Thursday in the schedule from 9 to 13,30 and from 16,30 to 23.

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