Facundo Spider in Jujuy and a commitment with the life

The awareness about the early detection of the cancer was the message that left the actor yesterday.

The early prevention of the cancer and the importance of a serious and responsible campaign to concientizar to the population were the central subject of the press conference offered by actors Facundo Arana and Nicholas Scarpino next to the president of the Association of the north jujeño Warmi Sayajsungo, Quispe Rosary and doctor Jorge Gronda.

As the actors said “we are here presenting/displaying a play, Power… can, but we are not going to speak indeed of the work?, but the intention was to insist on the campaign of awareness takes that them by all the country to speak of the prevention, the early halting of the cancer and of the importance and necessity of the blood donation. Tonight they will present/display “To be able. .se can? in the Miter Theater from the 21.30.

At noon they yesterday took contact with the press in the confectionery from the Airport the International “Horacio Guzmán?. Spider very had expressions felt by Quispe Rosary since it emphasized that “when beginning to cross this way we saw that there is much people who for years are fighting in this sense and in Jujuy we were with Rosary, that she is a person internationally recognized, name to the Nobel prize, a person who with talent, dedication, humility and the daily fight realizes a wonderful work in the north?.

Nicholas Scarpino maintained that he is wonderful what is happening to them to found with transcendental people, that does so much by the life, as much by its town and people.

Tonight in the hand program two leaves with information will be included on the cancer.

The proposal includes a collaboration of 10 pesos by each entrance that is destined to Fundaleu and to another social organization, in this case, it will be for Warmi Sayajsungo. Quispe rosary indicated that “it is very important for us that two actors so recognized are here?.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

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