Celebrations in the provincial Museums by the Day of the Boy

In order to be celebrated Sunday 8 August the Day of the Boy, the Main directorate of Cultural Patrimony invites all the community to participate in the activities that will be realized in the provincial Museums. The entrance will be free and gratuitous.

During the day recreational and artistic activities in the Museum from Beautiful Arts will be carried out different, Anthropological Museum of Jumps, Museum of Archeology of Alta Montaña (MAAM), Museum of Arte Contemporáneo (MAC), Aryan Museum House Rengel and in museums of the interior of the province: Archaeological museum Pío Pablo Diaz - Cachi, Museum Quinquela Factory Martin (Rosary of the Border) and Museum of Cs. Natural and of Petroleum “Prof. Rodolfo Parodi Busts? - Vespucio Camping (Gral. Mosconi).

Cronogram of activities

Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps - Av. Belgrano 992 - Jumps Capital

It will abrirá his to 19 doors from 11.


1. Small Artists of the Museum: scenographic paper in the garden of the museum will extend in order that the children can express themselves. For it one will provide chalks to them of colors.

2. Teatralizada activity: mimo will accompany to the children in its artistic activity. Armed of the puzzle of the Vista work of the City of It jumps of the artist Carlos Penuti.

3. Within the framework of the project incorporated Art and Felt recently to the services of the MBAS, also a guided visit will be realized, to 12, with young playful activities to the blind ones that they want to participate in this celebration, putting itself at the disposal of them different sculptures for his exploration and discovery, as thus also the Vista work of the city of Jumps realized in relief. Also the scale model and the planes in relief of the building are to disposition in order that they can know our facilities by means of the tactile perception.

4. Puppets in charge of the Hundredth Pepelui, to 16

5. Treats will be given to the children of the Museum when coming out.

Museum of Anthropology of Jumps - Army of the North esq. Single Ricardo - It jumps Capital

It will abrirá his doors 10 to 18.


To 14 one will begin to the Contest of Drawing and Painting, with the following categories:

Category A: of 4 to 6 years

Category B: of 7 to 9 years

Category C: of 10 to 12 years

Closing of the Contest has been anticipated for the 16.30.

The decisions on 1º, 2º and 3 º Prizes in each category will be in charge of the designated jury and that will be the following plastic artists: professor Horacio Pagés, professor Maria Beatriz Aguilar and Carlos Calzadilla.

The delivery of prizes will take place to 17.30. Besides the settled down ones by categories, all the concurrent children will receive a flattery like memory of their participation.

Museum of Archeology of Alta Montaña (MAAM) - Miter 77 - It jumps Capital


To 17 the work of Puppets will be put in scene Head of Chorlito - Chocolate Concert Coffee in charge of the group the Morisqueta, in rooms of the Museum.

In addition company M&M will support this celebration distributing chocolates to each young visitor.

Museum of Contemporary Art - Zuviría 90 - Jumps Capital

It will abrirá his doors from 16 to 20.


From 16 to 20 h.: Projection of films

From 19 to 20 h.: Body painting

16 h.: Delivery of globes and treats to the attending children

Museum Marries Aryan Rengel - Florida 20 - Jumps Capital

It will abrirá his doors from 10 to 18.

Activities (Activity for smallest of our community)

Factory for children of printing in stencil on paper. The same will be in charge of professor Roxana D `Empaire, and it will be dictated in the following schedules: 11.30, 15 and 16.30. Material will offer the children who participate in this activity.

In addition, in permanent form, the concurrent children will have the possibility of arming in the access to the Museum a puzzle that recreates the facade of the Aryan Museum House Rengel.

Archaeological museum Pío Pablo Diaz - Cachi

It will abrirá his doors from 15,30 to 18.


The activities will consist of the presentation of a small group of titiriteros, 5 students of º degree of the Victorino School of the Place of the locality of Cachi who will relate some Stories of the Forest, of the writer Horacio Quiroga. They will be accompanied by the presentation of the Infantile Ballet Folkloric of Cachi.

Museum Quinquela Factory Martin (Rosary of the Border)

It will abrirá his doors from 14 to 20.


A contest of drawing with the students of the factory of the same will be realized, divided in three categories: of 14 years in future, of 10 to 13 years and 6 to 9 years, with three prizes by category. The prizes will be the following:

1º Category: Acrylic paintings and brushes

2º Category: Pencils of colors and témperas

3º Category: Animalitos of peluche.

Museum of Natural Sciences and Petroleum Prof. Rodolfo Parodi Busts - Vespucio Camping (Gral. Mosconi - Jumps).

It will abrirá to the public from 8 to 18.


In order to fold itself to the activity programmed by the Municipal Delegation, that will be carried out to squares of the Museum and will consist of: chocolate, treats, clowns and peloteros.

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