“Festife song to Maria?

The festival folkloric will be carried out Friday 25 of September. There will be an interesting artistic billboard.

Animaná is prepared to receive the folklore in its maximum expression. The convoking Oscar “Chaqueño? Palavecino will be the “flagman? of the attractive artistic billboard.
Friday 25 of September, from the 21,30, the first edition of the “Festife will be carried out song to Maria?, in the estate of the Club Sportivo Animaná, organized by the local municipality and within the framework of its Supervisory Celebrations in honor to its Virgin Employer of the Favor.

The presence of the “Chaqueño? already woke up enormous expectation in the Calchaquí Valley, and surely many supporters will concentrate themselves in the mentioned stage to sing and to dance to the compass of the man of the Chaco salteño.

Before Animaná, Palavecino will have another great commitment: the Tri-Chaco festival, that he himself will organize between Saturday and next Monday in Santa Victoria This. There they will be artists of the stature of the Nocheros, Solitude Pastorutti, the Tekis, the Aryan Voices of Oran, Pitín Zalazar, Mariana Reed, Mariana Cayón, Paola, the Izkierdos of the Cave, among others. Also there will be place for tropical music with Group Tenderness and the Colombian Irises.

Returning the colorful town of Animaná, also it will have artists of recognized trajectory, like the Five Voices, the Salteños, the Jayitas, Those of Cafayate, Nahuel Ruiz (the Marucho, ovacionado in Talents Argentine), and Grass of the Plateau. Humor will be in charge of the tucumano “the hood? González. The conduction will be responsibility of the speaker Oscar Humacata.

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