Festival of the Chicha

The intendant of the Boiler and some artists will become presents in this call.

Tomorrow, to 10,30, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460), the official presentation of the “XX National Festival of the Chicha? will be carried out, in the locality of the Boiler.

The celebration folkloric will be developed between 12 and 14 of this month. In the press conference the intendant of the Boiler will participate, Héctor Miguel Calabró and some of the summoned artists to act in the festival.

In the occasion the accreditations of those journalists will be transacted who are interested in attending. The means that are going to transmit live will have to confirm also their participation see you tomorrow, in order to be able to coordinate pertinent the technical adjustments for their work during the development of the festival. “We hoped all the workers of press to inform the details to them into our organization and so that they clear his doubts?, Miguel Calabró declared.

He is possible to remember that Friday 12, first date of the festival, will act on the scene the Huayra, Sergio Galleguillo, and Guitarreros. On the following day the popular Oscar “Chaqueño? Palavecino excels in the billboard.

Also they will act Allpa Sumaj, the Marucho, Those of the Vine, among others. Sunday will be a tribute to the Pachamama, 45 tamings and sums, and will be the payador Nicholas Membriani. In addition, the last night will be closed with a traditional popular dance.

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