Festival of the Great Mother country

The singer Victor Heredia will comprise of the artistic billboard.

The Festival of the Great Mother country, in tribute to the hero gaucho, denominated “Jumps sings to him to Güemes?, it will tomorrow carry out in the corner of Güemes Stroll and Virrey avenue Toledo. The musical appointment will be developed from the 14,30 and it will extend until the 22. Figures of the stature of Victor Heredia will march past on the scene. The cantautor recognized one will arrive to add itself to this important celebration of the salteños. Also the presence of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino was confirmed. The billboard also will include/understand the action of the Huayra, Facundo Saravia, Mariana Cayón, Mariana Reed, Guitarreros, Federico Maldonado, Gabriel Morals, the Five Voices, the Ceibales, Jose Garci'a, the Norteñita, Yamal, Group Generation of Paraguay and Bolivia Group.

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