Musical festival in “8 of March?

The assistants to the programming will enjoy a day that will count on the presence of diverse artistic numbers.

The next Monday an artistic festival will be realized in capital district “8 of March? within the framework of a new anniversary of its creation and to celebrate the Day the International of the Woman.

This way, all the community of Comedero Stop is invited to participate in the program of activities that were organized by the directive commission of the Social and Cultural Sport Club of the mentioned district, next to the Federal Penitentiary Institute “Our Lady of the Rosary of River Blanco and Paypaya? (Unit 8), of the Penitentiary Service Federal Argentinean with seat in Comedero Stop.

It is predicted that to 9,30, Santa Misa will be realized and, to 10, different sport and recreational activities will be made within the framework from the celebration.

This way, there will be feminine infantile marathon, básquet, soccer (gulls, Unit Regiment 7, U8, “Magpies?), voley and dance of people majors.

For the 18, the Band will appear Police of the province and soon to the prizes and certificates to the participants will be given.

To 19, the reception to the authorities will be organized and special guests and later the honor toast will be realized.

Later, to 19,40, the festival will take place artistic-musical comedy that will present/display a great unfolding of different artists of the dance and music.

For this reason, members of the institute will appear art superior choreography and deports “Foundation Huayra Huasi?, the Arab dance will arrive at the scene through ballet “the Antigal?; all the tanguero suburb will be in charge of the ballet “San Salvador? and the national folklore next to the ballet “Freedom?.

As far as the musical numbers, it is important to mention that also it will act the Bambis group, all the folklore with “the Aztec Chaqueña? and its set and rates that will be in charge of the mariachi “Sun of Mexico?.

The folclorista “Memo? Vilte also will rise the scene, besides the groups Accomplices and Ideals that will interpret cumbias.

Later, it will act the Pair Rodriguez of “8 of March?, the group Without Borders, Kasandra and the Strangers of the Chaco.

The sets that want to participate in this encounter, will have to communicate to telephones 405641 (Penitentiary Institute Federal Unit 8); or to the 4056325 of the Social and Cultural Sport Club of district “8 of March?.

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