National festival of the Chicha in the Boiler

The Chaqueño Palavecino will act in the evening morning of the encounter that will conclude Sunday with a great taming.

XX the National Festival of the Chicha will be developed to east weekend in the beautiful locality salteña of the Boiler, counting on the action of the Chaqueño Palavecino.

Tonight from the 21, the billboard anticipates the action of the Jayitas, Guitarreros, the Huayra, Sergio Galleguillo and the Friendly, of the body dances “Earth Gaucha?, Samuel Garci'a, Seedtime, Valesa Peace, the Chaya Flowers, the body of dances “Earth gaucha?, Julio Holy, the Clown Watercolor, Turns Turns, with the animation of Carmen Lía and Jose To sweep.

Tomorrow it will be the turn of the Chaqueño Palavecino, ballet “Gaucha Earth? of the Boiler; The Change, Salamanca, the Changos of Bermejo, Juan Wheel, the Ñaños, Sumaj Dawn, the Sandro salteño, the body of dances “Gaucha Earth?, the Marucho, Those of the Vine, Nicholas Membriani, Pujllay and Fernando Aimo, with the animation of Rodolfo Soria and Oscar Humacata.

Sunday at noon will be realized a tribute to the Pachamama and topamiento of comothers.

To 14,30 one will leave the great taming with forty sums and three finishing touches, counting on the special participation of the rider the Palomo Calvet, recent winner of the Diamond Festival. The encounter will be animated by the Track and the Moldeños, Nicholas Membriani (payador) and the stories of Javier Cross, the animation of Marcelo Mur. They will participate tropillas “palenque?, of Pablo Darfe; “The slippery one?, of Agustín Holes; “The nochera?, of Martin Marinaro; “The return of Martin Iron?, Sanchez and Martinez, and “the cowbell? of Rollari. The entrances for the today festival and tomorrow will cost 60 pesos the preferential ones; 45 you silverplate and the 30 popular ones. For the taming of Sunday, the general entrance paid attention 15 more to 15 pesos and for the dance.

The invitation
Days back, in Culturarte the Edition of the Festival of the Chicha appeared XX that will take place in the polideportivo complex of the locality salteña. To the details the intendant of that commune, Miguel Calabro offered them, next to people in charge of the organization, a delegation of the center gaucho “the Palenque? and the payador Nicholas Membriani. They emphasized that the festival includes skills gauchas, eaten traditional, small caldereña and an ample musical billboard. Also Calabró thanked for to the authorities jujeñas that abrieron their doors to the people of the interior of Jumps, “understanding to us like brothers, since San Antonio, the Carmen and others are brother towns of the Boiler?.

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