Shared in common festival “Jujuy helps Chile?

The entrance will be a nonperishable food for the affected ones by the earthquake that shook to the neighboring country in February.

In order to collect shared in common aid for the victims by the earthquake that whipped to the neighboring country of Chile during the month of February, the next Sunday the festival “Jujuy will be carried out helps to Chile? in the ex- Station of Trains.

The musical encounter, that it will initiate to 11 and it will extend until the 21, is organized by Damián Paco and Juan Carlos Ribolini, neighbors of our city which “they took brings back to consciousness? of the situation that suffers the inhabitants of the center and the Chilean south; and they count on the support of the Honorary Consulate of Chile in Jujuy, the Center of Chilean Residents and the Direction of Culture of the Municipality of San Salvador de Jujuy. Besides diverse ocal centers.

The initiative taken by both neighboring must to that “as jujeños we see ourselves in the necessity to collaborate since by our geography we were not other people's to that it happens the same? it indicated Ribolini.
As entertainers of the event participate the group of mariachis “Toluca?, Marcelo Branches and their set, the dancers of the School of Dance and Ballet “the Jujeño?, the group of Latin music “Locoto? and the Infernal ones of Güemes that stops the opportunity will present/display a new disc, among others artistic numbers.

Important donations
Until the moment without number of institutions they collaborated and they continue it making with shared in common collections of foods and diapers to be sent to the cordillerano country.

It is why the holder of the Center of Chilean Residents, Ana Aha Gual, was thankful by the donations of the associations of Armenia, Greek, Switzerland and Siciliana, among others.
In addition it emphasized the work of the students and of the managers of the school Remedies of Scaling that realized the day of food collection under the motto “solidarity does not have borders?.

Like thus also of the members of Rotary Club Jujuy by the campaign where they throughout received diapers the month of March in the pedestrian Belgrano.

While by he was thankful for the donations realized by the schools of the Orchard and Jose Hernandez, like thus also of all the people who anonymously collaborate on a daily basis.

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