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Showing to the most recent entrances with the label Festivales Mostrar the oldest entrances

The folklore pays its tribute to santo of the bread and the work

The Chacarerata Santiagueña stands out in the billboard of the festival that will be realized near the sanctuary of San Cayetano.

Santo of the bread and the work will abrirá his arms today to shelter a new edition of the Furnace of the Workers. Outstanding groups and soloists will add themselves to this celebration in which the artists folkloric pay their devotion to San Cayetano. The appointment will be fulfilled from the 21.30.

The traditional encounter with the popular song will again take place in the estate near the sanctuary of San Cayetano, where for several years an important number of public has been congregated.

The presence of the Chacarerata Santiagueña, Willy Catramina stands out, the Clown Watercolor, the “Panther? Aimo, the Diableros de Jujuy, the Sauzales and the Cayetanos. As it is already custom in this festival, surely they will not lack the surprises, since the famous ones always jeopardize their shared in common heart in the good causes.

The native orchestra the Chacarerata Santiagueña returns to Jumps, to be with the public comes who it consecrating for 25 years. The great “Born? beloved and creation remembered Juan Carlos Gramajo continues peregrinating by the ways of the country, taking with himself a unique, emergent musical message of the dance and the song of the mount.

As well as Andres Chazarreta would mark the way to him of the love by our traditions Juan Carlos Gramajo, its “chacareratos? continue it jeopardize with the legacy, so that the work of this grouping continues projecting in the scenes of Argentina and the world. It was founded the 27 of 1984 July and are godsons of the teacher Vitillo Abalos, who in hearing of Splendid radio expressed: “If Bariloche has the Camerata, we santiagueños them deserve ourselves to have the Chacarerata?. The group is conformed by Sergio Perez (voice and guitar), Germa'n Go'mez (violin), Mario Palavecino (bandoneón) and Marcelo Pereyra (voice and percussion).

They take to 25 years crossing the scenes of the country and obtaining the respect and the applause of the public. It is a characterized set to execute traditional subjects next to the new productions that they invite to dance and that always have put a special attention in keeping the style and the cadence from the rates folkloric.

Its repertoire is formed by subjects of authors of the stature of Atahualpa Yupanqui, the Simón brothers, Raul Trullenque, the brother Rivers and Peteco Carabajal and also by own compositions. During its outstanding trajectory, the Chacarerata transferred several times the borders to appear in the United States, Colombia and Spain, and published more than 20 discográficas productions.

“We are pilgrims of the way, is our form to be happy and for understanding the life. We were with our people in each festival that they summon to us?, defined its members.

The Nocheros is the godfathers of the Furnace of the Workers, by whom artists of the stature of Valeria Linch, the 4 Peteco Carabajal marched past, Tekis, Tucu Tucu, Luciano Pereyra, Manseros Santiagueños, Roxana Carabajal, Carabajal, Song and the “Chaqueño? Palavecino.

I Festival folkloric for rural schools

Ample solidarity and collaboration of the hand gaucha and the community, with the presence of musical sets.

The objective to offer to a aid to the children and young people of the Rural Schools, was made specific successful during the I Shared in common Festival Folkloric “a hand gaucha? made specific recently in the ex- station of trains.

Reunited in family, the community gaucha and the public attended with nonperishable foods and clothes to participate in this activity with shared in common characteristics.

From the 18, mateada was a great one offered by the institutions gauchas and the festival folkloric, began with the action and collaboration of different local groups like the Infernal ones, the Strangers of the Chaco, the Creoles, the Carperos, the Gauchería, Carpera Illusion, the Quebrachales, Captive Moon, Zenón Claure and the Tilcareño Castle, the Puesteros, Those Of the Payment, the Torcaceños, the Alders and the Voices of San Javier.

It is important to emphasize that the collected thing was acquired by the First Shared in common Runner, Ocloyas: Schools of Suipacha; Tilquiza; of Ocloyas and San Bernardo.

Accompanied by the senator Gerald Morals, councilman Santiago Jubert, the intendant of San Salvador de Jujuy, Raul Jorge, the initiative stood out of those who have to its position programs folkloric in different radios, like thus also of councilman Santiago Jubert and the capital municipality.

“A festival totally dedicated to our rural schools, consequently is becoming a work of good where important grants have arrived and an impressive participation? expressed.

In as much, the senator Gerald Morals, emphasized like special the shared in common activity organized by the gauchaje jujeño.

“With the participation of sets folkloric and a delegation of the municipality of the Slaughter, that not only came to visit our province as many people but offer a pretty spectacle us through their dance?.

Then, affirming that the aim is to integrate the family and to transmit some values that are being lost in the society, Jubert councilman said that through gauchaje the comradeship is also seen and the municipal management for these shared in common activities.

“Every two months will be realized, with the work of radios gauchas, taking a hand to all the rural schools, that next will be running the Jujuy-Spas of Kings, the Targets, among others?.

This first shared in common festival was coordinated by diverse traditionalistic radial and televising programs of our city, among them Cooked Mate; Gauchas traditions; Under Eaves; Fattening mate pa the gauchos; Gaucha earth; Pulpería; Creole Tardecita and With the Hat to the Wind.

Festival of the Great Mother country

The singer Victor Heredia will comprise of the artistic billboard.

The Festival of the Great Mother country, in tribute to the hero gaucho, denominated “Jumps sings to him to Güemes?, it will tomorrow carry out in the corner of Güemes Stroll and Virrey avenue Toledo. The musical appointment will be developed from the 14,30 and it will extend until the 22. Figures of the stature of Victor Heredia will march past on the scene. The cantautor recognized one will arrive to add itself to this important celebration of the salteños. Also the presence of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino was confirmed. The billboard also will include/understand the action of the Huayra, Facundo Saravia, Mariana Cayón, Mariana Reed, Guitarreros, Federico Maldonado, Gabriel Morals, the Five Voices, the Ceibales, Jose Garci'a, the Norteñita, Yamal, Group Generation of Paraguay and Bolivia Group.

The eleventh edition of the Serenade to the Hero is fulfilled today Gaucho

The evening will begin to 21, in the municipal estate. The “Chaqueño? will be the central attraction.

With the stellar action of the convoking Oscar “Chaqueño? Palavecino Serenade to the Hero will rise to the curtain of the eleventh edition of the festival today folkloric Gaucho, who has like scene the locality of Cattle tenders, the appointment is predicted from the 21.

The evening folkloric will be developed, as already it is custom, in the municipal estate of Cattle tenders.
It was already confirmed that the “Chaqueño? will act to the 1,30 of the dawn, whereas the closing is in charge of the Guitarreros group.

The Huayra will raise the scene to 12,20 and jujeño Tomás Lipán will appear to 23. In the first part of the festival they will act Mariana Cayón, Gustavo Cordova, Pullay and Seedtime.
Also Nougat? Juárez will participate to the tucumano humorist “. The outstanding soloist Ana Issa will sing the National anthem, to the midnight.

XI the Serenade to the Hero Gaucho, summons every year to a great amount of public attracted by the popular feeling, the traditions and the outstanding regional gastronomy. With running of the time it was acquiring much importance. Its identification with the figure of the hero gaucho demonstrates every year an original picture of traditional identity, in addition, its objective is to rescue the legitimacy salteña with its cultural and historical value.

Every year, the central figure is the one of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, but in addition an important billboard will accompany the night by Cattle tenders. They will not either lack the traditional furnaces with the quebracho firewood, that stay ignitions to alleviate the low temperatures during the dawn of the 17 of June.

The point of contact has gained importance by this serenade. The covered scene is extensive, of 180 meters square. In addition there is a special sector for the press, another one for the artists and groups, toilets distributed by all the estate for the comfort of the public and a covered giant shed you silverplate for them. Also an important gastronomical movement of the region is registered, of families of the place who, through the traditional meals like the pasties, choripanes, roast and locro, are contributor of this popular celebration.

The “Chaqueño? does not need presentations. Its figure was growing in each of his ignited presentations. Days ago, during the launching of the festival of Cattle tenders it said: “What it is lived in the scene, singing with people, he is unique. I am a singer of the town, my public is my landlord, my head?.

Also the presentation of the Huayra woke up enormous expectation. Juan Sources, Juan Jose Vasconcellos, Sebastián Giménez, Luis Benavídez, Alvaro Plaza and Hernando Mónico promised to sing the people to him of Cattle tenders, and these salteños boys never fail. Endorsed by a long crossed way, today they are proud of to have gained the musical respect of his pairs and the recognition of the public of all the country. The artists consecration of the last edition of Cosquín also will say present. Cafayateña Mariana Cayón will arrive with his quena to give its exquisite Latin American repertoire. On the other hand, Guitarreros will show why a place of privilege within the national popular song book gained. Gustavo Cordova also will participate in this encounter folkloric.

The cycle “Güemes in the Bicentennial of the Mother country? will begin

It will include cinematographic projections concerts, spectacles of dance, exhibitions and contests.

From morning and to Thursday 16 of June “Güemes in the Bicentennial of the Mother country? will be developed, the cycle of gratuitous activities that the Secretariat of Culture of the Province puts within reach of all the community with the purpose of to homenajear, to remember and to know history our hero gaucho, in the Bicentennial of its fight in defense of national independence.

The cycle will be realized in different cultural spaces: museums, libraries, the House of the Culture, the Monument to the Gral. Güemes, and will include diverse and attractive activities, from projections of films to conferences, concerts, spectacles of dance, exhibitions, contests and proposals for children.

In this frame, it will be place also of the Museums extraordinary, Sunday 13 of June. The provincial museums will remain open, from 11 to 18, free and will propose varied referred activities to Güemes, thought to attract all the family. In the same way, days 11 and 15 of June, tributes to the Day of the Writer and the Day of Libro will be made, respectively.

“Güemes in the Bicentennial of the Mother country? is added to the many other activities that, with the same objective, organize different areas from the Government of the Province.
Until month end they will give to laminae of general Martin Miguel de Güemes, hero of the Argentina Nation, in the Provincial Library Dr. Atilio Cornejo (Cordova 36), donated by the Güemesiano Institute.

In order to visit

The sample will be able to be crossed on the Revolution of May in the Bicentennial and a exhibition on general Martin Miguel de Güemes, in the Provincial Library Dr. Atilio Cornejo (Cordova 36).
They will be exposed Imprenta of the Mother country and a selection of forms and periodic publications of Jumps in century XIX, in the House of the Culture (Homemade 460). Also the picture of the Martin will be able to be appraised Miguel de Güemes realized by the artist Eduardo Schiafino, in the Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps (Belgrano 299). In addition they will exhibit the original uniform and saber, that belonged to Güemes, in the Historical Museum of the North, (Homemade 549).

The public will be able to know the breast collar, the mandil and other properties of Güemes, in the Historical Museum of 5 the Slight Cavalry regiment Gral. Güemes, (Sandy grounds s/n).

Tomorrow the spectacle that will offer Ana Issa, the Five Voices and Group Magnet, in the House of the Culture stands out (Homemade 460), to 22.

The Celebration of the Native Culture

The soloist Red Jorge will inaugurate the official rock tonight.

Everything is ready so that the second edition of the Celebration of the Native Culture begins today, that will be developed in the property Erased Mark, of the community the Favor, in Santa Victoria This, organized by the singer Red Jorge.

The billboard includes artists of the stature of the Kjarkas, Sergio Galleguillo, Song 4, Mariana Cayón and Guitarreros, among others.

The teacher of ceremony will be the recognized conductor and speaker Juan Alberto Badía.

Tonight the opening of the official rock will be fulfilled. Tomorrow the acts will be realized in the School 4171 Nº and the inauguration of the health center. In the evening they will qualify the Stroll of Craftsmen and soon it will begin first of the two nights of the Celebration of the Native Culture.

Sunday the “Triatlón of Monte? will be carried out, a competition that includes athletics, swimming and cuts of post with axe.

At night the closing of the festival will take place folkloric.

2ª comes Celebration from the Native Culture

Important figures of the popular song will go to the shared in common event.

The Celebration of the Native Culture will have artists of the stature of Red Jorge, the Kjarkas, Sergio Galleguillo, Song 4, Mariana Cayón and Guitarreros, among others. As if this was little, the teacher of ceremony will be the recognized conductor and speaker Juan Alberto Badía. In Santa Victoria This, the outstanding of the Week of May is the accomplishment of the festival that has like creator to the singer Red Jorge. The activities will be realized in the property Erased Mark, of the community the Favor.

Everything will begin next Friday with the opening of the official rock. Saturday the acts in the School 4171 Nº and the inauguration will be made of the health center. Soon it will begin first of the two nights of the Celebration of the Native Culture. Sunday the “Triatlón of Monte? will be carried out. At night the closing of the festival will be realized folkloric.

Monday will have marked of cattle, cuadreras races and Dalmiro Cuéllar will appear.

The distinguished Kjarkas, visitors our city

The members of the Bolivian group seran recognized 18 tomorrow hs. in the ex- station of trains.

In this ceremony the delivery will become of a decree with the mentioned recognition to the prestigious set that crossed the world offering its Andean folklore and will be the inaugural act of the new cultural space that will be carried out until the 22 of the current.

However, different activities will be developed in different points from the capital, way to the Bicentennial of our mother country.

For this reason, the community is invited to participate from today to 10 of great pasacalle by downtown recreational, whereas in the evening, the place “the 25 of May? located in avenue the Exodus, Pueyrredón, Echeverria and Iriarte are the scene for the chocolateada one, games in charge of clowns that will amuse to smallest, proposal of CDI “the Little angels?, 2 League of Mothers and National School “Argentina Navy? institutions that will be added to the celebration.

Tomorrow, after the mentioned act next to the famous Andean artists, also the gastronomical encounter denominated “Flavors bicentennials? will take place and also “Jujuy of long ago? will be abrirá, a railway exhibition and of antiques with the participation of ocal centers, museums of the city and governmental and deprived institutions.

It is important to emphasize that also strolls in sulky will be developed, with a stipulated centric route with exit from the ex- station of trains that will be carried out during Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In addition, a recreation of the colonial time with the member participation will take shape of the Direction of Adults Majors and groupings gauchas, where there will be tasting of mazamorra, tortillas to the embers, doughnuts, homemade buns and mateada, so that the public of all the ages can enjoy different types from fattened mate, brightened up with spectacles of colonial dances.

The “Chaqueño? abre the new edition of the festival “Carrileñazo?

The Tekis, Mariana Cayón and Guitarreros will be also in the billboard of tonight, that will begin to 21.

With the awaited action of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino the Carrileñazo will be developed to the inaugural evening of the tenth first edition of the festival today folkloric “?, that will carry out in the Sport Club the Track. The beginning is predicted for the 21.

The group jujeño the Tekis will be present also with their musical proposal. The artistic billboard will be completed with: Guitarreros, Mariana Cayón, academy of dances “the Baguala?, ballet “Shaking local handkerchiefs? and artists.

Tomorrow it will be the turn of Abel Pinto, Sergio Galleguillo, Aryan Nacho and Daniel (ex- Guaraníes), Paola, ballet “Gauchas Roots? and the school of dances “Walter Vilca?.

The “Chaqueño? will raise the scene between 1,30 and 2 in the morning, while the appearance of the Tekis will take place near the midnight.

Palavecino is an ambassador of the Argentine folklore in the world and in each of his presentations it reunites to thousands of supporters. It was dedicated to music from boy.

After his work like member of groups folkloric, Oscar Palavecino, as it is his true name, sent his race like soloist. A way that was in constant ascent, numerous discs in its salary and several tours by all the Argentina. Its music counts on the particularitity of not only arriving at the countryside from its country but also at the great cities. The theater Great Rex and until the Luna Park, in Buenos Aires, has been some of the scenes that testify year to year their talent.

Subjects like “the law and the trap?, “Wild Love? or “When my Guitar Cries? sound in several Latin American radial transmitters. Bolivia is one of the countries where its success is full from its beginnings like artist. Palavecino causes that the folklore leaves differences back sociocultural and arrives at the different layers from a same continent.

On the other hand, the Tekis will arrive their contagious repertoire yet at the locality from the Track. The set jujeño is integrated by: Sebastián Lopez, Juanjo Pestoni, Mauro Coletti, Pipo Valdez, Walter Sader and Pucho Ponce. Their rates concentrate in the music of the Argentine northwest and Bolivia, as they are it the carnavalitos, bailecitos and huaynos, using native instruments like sikus, zampoñas, quenas and charangos.

In the estate the premises of regional food and crafts will settle. The entrances have a cost of: popular $25, you silverplate $45, preferential $55, jineteada $20.

Abel Pinto in the Mega Rock of the Bicentennial

Next to him outstanding artists of Jujuy appear: You take Lipán, the Copleros, the Diableros, the Quebradeños and the Sung one.

With the stellar presence of Abel Pinto, youthful the folkloric artist with greater call in the country, will take place the next Friday 14 of May “the Mega Rock of the Bicentennial? in the cultural complex the Old Station of this one city.

The festival will reunite in addition to the most representative artists of the folklore jujeño, between whom we can emphasize, to the voice of Purmamarca, Lipan Takings, that a spectacle of first level will offer as it has to us customary to vivenciar.

Also the presence of the Copleros stands out, folkloric set that recently returned of a tour by earth mendocinas, representing Jujuy in the Festival of the Grape harvest.

They will be also on the scene of the Old Station, the Diableros, youthful group with excellent projection in the folklore jujeño and connoisseur of great scenes within the provincial festivalera moved one.

In as much the Quebradeños they will arrive from Maimará with its outstanding rate. We remember that the group was revelation of the carnival maimareño and has been ovacionado in the carnavalera rock of the Tekis, in Tilcara and other scenes of the province like thus also of Salta and Tucuman.

The pair jujeño integrated by the Néstor brothers and Oscar González, the Sung one, also will be part of the Mega Rock of next the 14 of May.

The entrances anticipated for this spectacle will be put on sale today in the evening in the Pedestrian Belgrano

Catherine Fulop, a shared in common artist with our province

The Complex Nicholas Vitale of district the Tribuno will be the place where, the next Saturday, the scene will mount that will reunite to some artists of the local and national scene.

Saturday 24 of April, from the 18, Catherine next to other artists of the stature of Gabriel Morals, the Nocheros, Axel and Araceli González, will meet with the aim of collaborating with the Parish Maria Queen, of the South zone of the city.

In the second edition of the shared in common festival of FUNDAFA they will appear salteño Gabriel Morals, the Nocheros, Axel, Catherine Fulop, Araceli González and the journalists of “Soccer for all?, of the channel FOX.

“It is very important, from our roll of artists, to participate in this type of more communitarian workings. I am mother and the events mobilize much to me that they have to the children like protagonists?, said Catherine Fulop in an interview with the Tribuno. And it added: “It volume like a way to give back to the people of all that affection just a little bit that it gives me on a daily basis and, this time, to the people of Jumps, who always so have been educated, amiable and loving with me?.

The festival, organized by Fundación Fausto (FUNDAFA) and the Parish Maria Queen, must like objective collect money for the construction of a hall multiple uses and an infantile dining room for the Center of Integral Attention of the Boy in Situation of Risk and Incapacities, that is in the Aráoz district.

During the day, in addition, a soccer match with artists (headed by Axel and the Nocheros) versus journalists will be realized (headed by the boys of the televising program “Soccer for all?, of Fox Sports).

To 21, the honor guests: Araceli González and Catherine Fulop will sell bonds contribution to a value of $10 to collaborate with the cause, with which 2 motorcycles will be drawn for. “Our participation simply will be to stimulate people to that it buys bonds to us. Not every day `the González' and `the Fulop' approach to you so that you help with a so important cause. The idea is to be near people and power to be the bridge so that much more people collaborates?, explained “Cathy?, as they call his fans.

The wife of the “Ova? spoke of her projects for this year. She said that after the world-wide one she will initiate the third edition of Argentine Talent.

During char it with the Tribuno she remembered “the Marucho?, the small singer salteño that participated in the program the past year and that took until the tears to the voluptuous artist in repeated opportunities. “She is that he is a boy with artist soul. When somebody puts as much passion in which it does to one does not have left other than to be touched?, Fulop expressed, that has known to give to many of the participants of reality the opportunity him of which they show what they know to do. “I believe that the artists we must be permeable and able to receive what others can give us. In Argentine Talent not only I have tried to see the talent of the participants, but also the capacity to move the public and to transmit what they feel and so they do?.

Catherine also told that she is studying photography and that she has new projects to lead a program of television as of July. It also has theater proposals, but so far the priority is its family. “Sometimes it is difficult to combine the tasks of being mother, actress, conductor and vedette. I have small daughters and I do not like to lack house, interest to me to accompany them in everything?, expressed the Venezuelan who, among other things, said to feel more and more Argentine. “My home is in this country. I trained my family here and whenever I travel to Venezuela they give desire me to return house, that is here. A day my papa said `your country to me is that one that employs to you'. , Argentina employed to me and a beautiful family, so I feel `of here very'?, concluded “Cathy?.

Multitudinal encounter of dances in the city of Palpalá

The Wild one? of the province of Santa Fe was developed within the framework of thirty and the four anniversary of the Institute “.

The Institute “the Wild one? of Santa Fe celebrated its thirty and four the last weekend anniversary, during an encounter of dances that had like scene the club High Furnaces Zapla de Palpalá. The organization of the encounter was in charge of the School of Dances Folkloric “the Antigal? of the iron and steel city that directs Marcelo Sáenz.

In the two days (Saturday and Sunday) they participated to schools of dances jujeñas, of Jumps, Santa Fe and Cordova. Of our province they were “the Antigal?, of Palpalá; “It sucks Pacha? and “the Barrow?, of Perico; “Sentry of my Mother country?, Yala; “Secret of my earth? and “the Furnace?, of Monterrico; “Inti Huaman? and “Camiri?, of San Salvador de Jujuy; “Jose Hernandez?, of the Quiaca; “Vestibule of my country?, the Huaicos; “The Captive?, of Perico, the Carmen and Monterrico; “The Reserved one?, of Santo Domingo; “To appear again?, of San Antonio and the Carmen; and “the Nazarene?, of San Antonio.

Of She jumps, was “the Chúcaro? (Metán); of Santa Fe, “Beats of my earth? (Romang) and of Cordova, the School of the National Festival of the Malambo (Laborde).

The central acts carried out Sunday at noon in the central place of Palpalá, where after the entrance of the flags of ceremonies and the intonation of the Hymn, words of welcome of Marcelo Sáenz were listened to, to close the act the words of the national director of the Institute “the Wild one?, Catherine Murphy de Fiordelmondo.

After the retirement of the pavilions, it was possible to be appreciated in the one of the local arteries dance of a cat and a farmer who the delegations gave to the public present, to go next to the Club High Zapla Furnaces stops to 13,30 to give beginning to the second and last day.

Exquisite musical styles showed each one of the present schools, as much in traditional, streamlined dances and malambo, deserving a special paragraph the excellent level of the jujeños malambistas and the delegation of Laborde. To 20, already in the closing of the encounter, paisanita to the girl Bethlehem Fores of the School of Dances was chosen Folkloric “the Reserved one of Santo Domingo?; whereas the title of donosa fell on the Ailén young person Marshal, of the School of Dances Folkloric “Vestibule of my country?, of the Huaicos.

The final words were in charge of national director Omar Fiordelmondo, who was thankful for the shown effort by the families who compose the organizing school. Soon the moved message of Marcelo Sáenz was listened to, in which it put of relief “the privilege of to be chosen to be the organizer of the celebration of this anniversary?.

The delirium untied when the teacher of CarlosTasca ceremonies revealed who will take the slug in 2011: the School of the National Festival of the Malambo de Laborde, Cordova.
And all promised to attend this “patriada? of the Bicentennial.

The best thing of the folklore, in the monument to Güemes

The presence of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino stands out. In addition they will pay a tribute to them to the Chalchaleros.

Next Friday the festival will be carried out folkloric “Jumps Fulfills?, to celebrate the 428 years of the city. The spectacle will take place on the foot of the monument to Güemes, with the stellar action of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino and the most outstanding artists of the provincial folklore.

In addition a mural realized in tribute to the Chalchaleros will appear, that soon will be located in the Portezuelo. The festival is framed in the celebration of the Bicentennial of the Mother country. The monument, that evokes to the memory the top hero gaucho, will be the scene of the great celebration who prepares the Municipality of Jumps, through the Undersecretary's office of Culture, to commemorate 428º anniversary of the foundation of Jumps.

For the occasion the maximum representatives of the pop music of this earth have been summoned, among them the Ceibales, Mariana Cayón, Paola Aryan, Marcela Ceballos, Gustavo Cordova, Raul Palm, Ternán Robert, Pitín Zalazar, the Voices of Oran and the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, that the great closing will have to its position.

The celebrations include the presentation of a sculptural mural realized in acrylic of 4.5 by 2.5 meters, in tribute to the Chalchaleros. The four last members of the most emblematic group of Jump will be present to receive the recognition: Juan Carlos Saravia, Facundo Saravia, Francisco “Pancho? Figueroa and Eduardo “Pole? Roman.

Shared in common festival “Jujuy helps Chile?

The entrance will be a nonperishable food for the affected ones by the earthquake that shook to the neighboring country in February.

In order to collect shared in common aid for the victims by the earthquake that whipped to the neighboring country of Chile during the month of February, the next Sunday the festival “Jujuy will be carried out helps to Chile? in the ex- Station of Trains.

The musical encounter, that it will initiate to 11 and it will extend until the 21, is organized by Damián Paco and Juan Carlos Ribolini, neighbors of our city which “they took brings back to consciousness? of the situation that suffers the inhabitants of the center and the Chilean south; and they count on the support of the Honorary Consulate of Chile in Jujuy, the Center of Chilean Residents and the Direction of Culture of the Municipality of San Salvador de Jujuy. Besides diverse ocal centers.

The initiative taken by both neighboring must to that “as jujeños we see ourselves in the necessity to collaborate since by our geography we were not other people's to that it happens the same? it indicated Ribolini.
As entertainers of the event participate the group of mariachis “Toluca?, Marcelo Branches and their set, the dancers of the School of Dance and Ballet “the Jujeño?, the group of Latin music “Locoto? and the Infernal ones of Güemes that stops the opportunity will present/display a new disc, among others artistic numbers.

Important donations
Until the moment without number of institutions they collaborated and they continue it making with shared in common collections of foods and diapers to be sent to the cordillerano country.

It is why the holder of the Center of Chilean Residents, Ana Aha Gual, was thankful by the donations of the associations of Armenia, Greek, Switzerland and Siciliana, among others.
In addition it emphasized the work of the students and of the managers of the school Remedies of Scaling that realized the day of food collection under the motto “solidarity does not have borders?.

Like thus also of the members of Rotary Club Jujuy by the campaign where they throughout received diapers the month of March in the pedestrian Belgrano.

While by he was thankful for the donations realized by the schools of the Orchard and Jose Hernandez, like thus also of all the people who anonymously collaborate on a daily basis.

National festival of the Chicha in the Boiler

The Chaqueño Palavecino will act in the evening morning of the encounter that will conclude Sunday with a great taming.

XX the National Festival of the Chicha will be developed to east weekend in the beautiful locality salteña of the Boiler, counting on the action of the Chaqueño Palavecino.

Tonight from the 21, the billboard anticipates the action of the Jayitas, Guitarreros, the Huayra, Sergio Galleguillo and the Friendly, of the body dances “Earth Gaucha?, Samuel Garci'a, Seedtime, Valesa Peace, the Chaya Flowers, the body of dances “Earth gaucha?, Julio Holy, the Clown Watercolor, Turns Turns, with the animation of Carmen Lía and Jose To sweep.

Tomorrow it will be the turn of the Chaqueño Palavecino, ballet “Gaucha Earth? of the Boiler; The Change, Salamanca, the Changos of Bermejo, Juan Wheel, the Ñaños, Sumaj Dawn, the Sandro salteño, the body of dances “Gaucha Earth?, the Marucho, Those of the Vine, Nicholas Membriani, Pujllay and Fernando Aimo, with the animation of Rodolfo Soria and Oscar Humacata.

Sunday at noon will be realized a tribute to the Pachamama and topamiento of comothers.

To 14,30 one will leave the great taming with forty sums and three finishing touches, counting on the special participation of the rider the Palomo Calvet, recent winner of the Diamond Festival. The encounter will be animated by the Track and the Moldeños, Nicholas Membriani (payador) and the stories of Javier Cross, the animation of Marcelo Mur. They will participate tropillas “palenque?, of Pablo Darfe; “The slippery one?, of Agustín Holes; “The nochera?, of Martin Marinaro; “The return of Martin Iron?, Sanchez and Martinez, and “the cowbell? of Rollari. The entrances for the today festival and tomorrow will cost 60 pesos the preferential ones; 45 you silverplate and the 30 popular ones. For the taming of Sunday, the general entrance paid attention 15 more to 15 pesos and for the dance.

The invitation
Days back, in Culturarte the Edition of the Festival of the Chicha appeared XX that will take place in the polideportivo complex of the locality salteña. To the details the intendant of that commune, Miguel Calabro offered them, next to people in charge of the organization, a delegation of the center gaucho “the Palenque? and the payador Nicholas Membriani. They emphasized that the festival includes skills gauchas, eaten traditional, small caldereña and an ample musical billboard. Also Calabró thanked for to the authorities jujeñas that abrieron their doors to the people of the interior of Jumps, “understanding to us like brothers, since San Antonio, the Carmen and others are brother towns of the Boiler?.

Festival of the Chicha

The intendant of the Boiler and some artists will become presents in this call.

Tomorrow, to 10,30, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460), the official presentation of the “XX National Festival of the Chicha? will be carried out, in the locality of the Boiler.

The celebration folkloric will be developed between 12 and 14 of this month. In the press conference the intendant of the Boiler will participate, Héctor Miguel Calabró and some of the summoned artists to act in the festival.

In the occasion the accreditations of those journalists will be transacted who are interested in attending. The means that are going to transmit live will have to confirm also their participation see you tomorrow, in order to be able to coordinate pertinent the technical adjustments for their work during the development of the festival. “We hoped all the workers of press to inform the details to them into our organization and so that they clear his doubts?, Miguel Calabró declared.

He is possible to remember that Friday 12, first date of the festival, will act on the scene the Huayra, Sergio Galleguillo, and Guitarreros. On the following day the popular Oscar “Chaqueño? Palavecino excels in the billboard.

Also they will act Allpa Sumaj, the Marucho, Those of the Vine, among others. Sunday will be a tribute to the Pachamama, 45 tamings and sums, and will be the payador Nicholas Membriani. In addition, the last night will be closed with a traditional popular dance.

The good folklore moves to the Boiler

The entrances anticipated already are sold in Pesao Gym. The “Chaqueño? will be the central attraction.

Past Monday began the sale of entrances for the twentieth edition of the National Festival of the Chicha, in the locality of the Boiler, that once again will count on important figures of the popular song book. The appointment will carry out between the 12 and the 14 of March.

The entrances are being sold in avenue Belgrano 870 - gymnasium Pesao Gym- and the prices are the following: Friday and Saturday, preferential, $60; you silverplate, $45; popular, $30. Domingo: general $15.

As it is custom, the “Chaqueño? Palavecino will be the main attraction at night of Saturday and surely it will arrive with his contagious repertoire to animate to the celebration caldereña.

Many people remained with the desire to listen to in Cafayate the artist of the Chaco salteño, and surely this one will be a superb opportunity to fulfill the assignment.

On the other hand, Friday 12 will arrive chaya at the Boiler, with the presence of the La Riojan Sergio Galleguillo, a permanent entertainer in the festivales of greater prestige of the country. Without doubts, it will not lack the flour in the action of this artist.

The public also will arrive in great number to be present at perfomance of the Huayra, a set that already has followers all over the country. Luis, Juan, Sebastián and the “Colo? will return to mix themselves enters their people.

Guitarreros will share with the assistants their prize Consecration of Cosquín. The young salteños artists come lately raising “cloud?.

A luxury establishment will have the animation of the Festival of the Chicha. First guarded it will count on the presence of Carmen Lía and Jose To sweep, whereas on the following day the figures of Rolando glimpse Soria and Oscar Humacata.

Sunday a great one will be carried out jineteada and also it will be realized a tribute to the Pachamama and a topamiento of comothers. It has been anticipated that will be 40 sums, with three finishing touches carried out by the most outstanding riders of the country.

The celebration will begin from the 14,30, with the presentation of several artistic numbers.

The accreditations of press must be confirmed until the day Tuesday 9 of March, via email to, with note directed to Carlos Funes, ordered of press of the municipality. In her name is due to brief, national identity document, means, task (journalist, operator, producer, etc.), telephone and email of contact.

The Boiler prepares its great celebration

The “Chaqueño?, the Huayra and Sergio Galleguillo will act.

With the presence of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, the Huayra and Sergio Galleguillo, a new edition will be lived on the Festival of the Chicha, in the locality of the Boiler. The great celebration of the folklore will be developed between 12 and 14 of March.

The festival of the Chicha has managed to be inserted in the calendar of the most important encounter folkloric of the country and represents an immense pride for the town of the Boiler.

Figures of the stature of the Nocheros, the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, Red Jorge, Tamara Castro, the Kjarkas and the Chango Grandson, accompanied by local artists, appeared in the scene Jorge Cafrune, during the first 19 years of the festival.

For that reason, when being fulfilled 20 years the commitment renews of a whole town to continue spreading not only to the pop music but in addition its customs, roots, landscapes and gastronomy and to obtain in this way that the Boiler is present as much in the provincial memory as in the international national and.

Musical festival in “8 of March?

The assistants to the programming will enjoy a day that will count on the presence of diverse artistic numbers.

The next Monday an artistic festival will be realized in capital district “8 of March? within the framework of a new anniversary of its creation and to celebrate the Day the International of the Woman.

This way, all the community of Comedero Stop is invited to participate in the program of activities that were organized by the directive commission of the Social and Cultural Sport Club of the mentioned district, next to the Federal Penitentiary Institute “Our Lady of the Rosary of River Blanco and Paypaya? (Unit 8), of the Penitentiary Service Federal Argentinean with seat in Comedero Stop.

It is predicted that to 9,30, Santa Misa will be realized and, to 10, different sport and recreational activities will be made within the framework from the celebration.

This way, there will be feminine infantile marathon, básquet, soccer (gulls, Unit Regiment 7, U8, “Magpies?), voley and dance of people majors.

For the 18, the Band will appear Police of the province and soon to the prizes and certificates to the participants will be given.

To 19, the reception to the authorities will be organized and special guests and later the honor toast will be realized.

Later, to 19,40, the festival will take place artistic-musical comedy that will present/display a great unfolding of different artists of the dance and music.

For this reason, members of the institute will appear art superior choreography and deports “Foundation Huayra Huasi?, the Arab dance will arrive at the scene through ballet “the Antigal?; all the tanguero suburb will be in charge of the ballet “San Salvador? and the national folklore next to the ballet “Freedom?.

As far as the musical numbers, it is important to mention that also it will act the Bambis group, all the folklore with “the Aztec Chaqueña? and its set and rates that will be in charge of the mariachi “Sun of Mexico?.

The folclorista “Memo? Vilte also will rise the scene, besides the groups Accomplices and Ideals that will interpret cumbias.

Later, it will act the Pair Rodriguez of “8 of March?, the group Without Borders, Kasandra and the Strangers of the Chaco.

The sets that want to participate in this encounter, will have to communicate to telephones 405641 (Penitentiary Institute Federal Unit 8); or to the 4056325 of the Social and Cultural Sport Club of district “8 of March?.

The Five Voices, in night of intimismo

The set salteño will appear today, from the 22,30, in the corner of Sarmiento and Santiago of the Matting.

The Five Voices will meet tonight with their people. “Many friendly and supporters proposed to reunite to us to us with a musical aim and we looked for a short time to please the order?, indicated to Veronica Marks, one of the members of the group salteño.

The recital will be carried out today, from the 22,30, in the premises of Gieco Bar (Sarmiento and Santiago of the Matting).

The profile that has these interpreters bases, mainly, in the good vocal and musical adjustments, that have become their seal already.

The girls demonstrated a remarkable growth in the last seasons, obtaining to amalgamate modern voices and adjustments in classic subjects like “Merceditas? or “Farmer of the farm?.

But without doubts, the greater explosion occurs when they interpret own subjects like “Spell? and those that share company/signature with “the Moor? - mother of Jimena and wife of Mario Teruel of the Nocheros-, between which they excel Thus “will be better?, “Already never more? and “Full stop?.

On this challenge that they already undertook several years ago, they say convinced that they are doing what more they like, because they have the privilege to work with music. “For us it is a luxury to come to sing to them and to give everything to them what we come offering?, indicated Marks.

From their beginnings, the Five Voices had the possibility of sharing scenes with the 4 Chalchaleros, Nocheros, Zamba Quipildor, Bond and the Tekis, among others.
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