Showing more entering with the Festivales label. To show the oldest entrances
Showing more entering with the Festivales label. To show the oldest entrances

The celebration in the mythical scene “Single Payó? untied

Sergio Galleguillo and Nacho and Daniel were the people in charge of the outbreak of joy in the Enchanted Warehouse.

How beautiful serenatera moon was lived in the Enchanted Warehouse! The night vió “empachada? of good folklore with artists who stood out on the scene “Single Payo?. It was not needed the phrase Alegrate, Cafayate! The public danced and sang until the dawn.

Zambas, farmers, huaynos, carnavalitos and chayas sweetened the ear of the presents. Accidentally, this last La Riojan rate was the one that untied to the celebration in its maximum expression in the estate “Hunting Caesar?. Everything dyed of target between the foam and the flour that flew by the air in the middle of an overflowed concurrence of joy. Sergio Galleguillo, who is a classic one in the most important festivales of the country, did not keep anything and unfolded his carpero repertoire to the maximum.

The folklore in addition was represented with one of his more genuine exponents: the pair Nacho and Daniel (ex- Guaraníes). The artists left in clear why they gained as much respect within the circuit of the popular song book. They showed his recent elaborations and also they brought to the memory to the Singers of the Dawn, interpreting unforgettable the classic ones of remembered joint salteño.

The first ovación was for Paola Aryan, that with its charisma put in the “pocket? to the presents. When “the Gauchita? took leave of its action and the speakers prepared themselves to present/display the next number, people reverted the situation and, asking twice, the native young person of Rosary of the Border returned to the scene to give another subject.

From the Fist jujeña lowered legendary the Lipán Takings to sentence that the use is its “permanent partner? and who, while its voice resonates between hills, it will continue plotting the course in the festivales.

ace of La Rioja

What singer the “Sorceress? Salguero! The La Riojan did not have disadvantages in conquering the silence and the respect of the Enchanted Warehouse. Although it counts on a remarkable trajectory on his backs, very not very often its figure glimpsed in this part of the country. Without doubts, now it will be noticeable with a label of “great?.

Also Toledo caused to joy the return of the “Tufa?, who for years took root in Commodore Rivadavia. Its voice follows intact and added widely to the spectacle.

The public encariñó also with Nando “the Salteño?, but the great guarded surprise of third was the young person Federico Maldonado, to whom did not concern the schedule nor the fatigue to him of people. The singer salteño raised with the first light of the day and returned to ignite the celebration in the estate. His first experience in the Serenade did not weigh to him for anything, quite the opposite: it showed soltura and it enjoyed this magical evening.

The billboard was completed with Pancho Acosta, Echoes of my Earth, Yalo Cuéllar, Copleros, the Yunta, Inti Kari, Yacones, Quorum, Those of Cafayate and the Bad Moon Ballet.

Today they will act Red Jorge and the Huayra

Fifth guarded from the Serenade to Cafayate it will be tempting for any lover of the folklore, since the scene they will today raise to Red Jorge and the consecrated group the Huayra. In addition, the billboard will be completed with important artists.

From its separation of the Nocheros, its race as soloist were widely successful. It was born in Cutral Co, Neuquén, but from small salteño moved next to its family to the Chaco. Fan to music and the folklore, grew in a family of singers and poets, reason why from boy he was undergoing all the feeling of national music. Surrounded by zambas, farmers, vidalas and bagualas, it began to dream and to sing for its people.

It participated in a called pair Those of the Hill, but it was just in 1992 when the Nocheros knew the group, integrated then by Rubén Ehizaguirre, Quique Eyrie and the brothers Kike and Mario Teruel. All the nights one delighted with its presentations in the General Rock Güemes and one imagined that it was member of the group. For that reason great it was its surprise when one of its members, Quique Eyrie, decided to leave the set and was invited to replace it. Its first great emotion was in 1994, when the Nocheros obtained the greater aspiration of all artist folkloric: the consecration in Cosquín. But a day got tired to share poster and decided to direct like soloist, being obtained innumerable successes.

In as much, Luis Benavídez, Juan Sources, the “Colo? Vasconcellos and Sebastián Jiménez also will contribute his tonight to the Serenade. Surely many supporters will arrive from different provinces from the NOA, since this set, in the last years, gained the label of convoking. The billboard also will count on: Rafael Love, Mariana Reed, Marcela Ceballos, the Group Magnet, the Bandeños, Nicholas Mathey and his set, Rosita Jiménez, Leandro Robin, the Gold Mariachis, the delegation of Jujuy, Contempo, Those of Cafayate and the Bad Moon Ballet.

The Carnavalera in Humahuaca is abre tomorrow

The most outstanding names are added to this proposal of Jose Simón, who will extend until the next Sunday.

On the initiative of the singer humahuaqueño, Jose Simón, a new space in “the historical city? will be inaugurated tomorrow, to celebrate the Carnival.

The Carnavalera is called and will work by four days until Sunday as it soothes of the greatest celebration of the north, with most important presences. Four nights of carnival, will reunite to the most famous exponents of music folkloric jujeña.

“We hoped that it is an encounter that can be continued doing in the coming years, so that this name settles in the country like the place to live the carnival on the province?, commented in conversation with our matutinal one, “we want that people take a good memory of this rock so that she can count it in any place where she lives?.

It is thought with a billboard mainly of local artists, although also folcloristas friendly of Tucuman, Santiago and Buenos Aires will be added, according to explained Simón.

The intention is “to create a space all the jujeños artists to celebrate a celebration that stops we is very symbolic, is most important of the calendar, of something are in favor outstanding in the almanacs who give ourselves in the jujeños commerce, the dates of carnival?, comments the artist, “one that the luck had to cross different places from the country, realizes that the carnival jujeño is incomparable?.

The appointment is in street Buenos Aires 179, of Humahuaca.

Imperdible billboard

The billboard is integrated by Dark brown Aryans, Daniel Vedia, the Cat Garci'a, the Simón Brothers and Jose Simón, that will inaugurate the first night, with Thursday of Comadre. Friday, the artists in the scene will be Takings Lipán, Daniel Vedia, Elías Abalos, Tiny beast Diaz and Jose Simón. Saturday will continue the celebration with Dark brown Aryans, Jujeña Moon, Diableros, Tiny beast Diaz, Daniel Vedia, Jose Simón and from Tucuman, the Simple one.

Finally, the evening of Sunday will count in the scene of the Carnavalera with Gustavo Patiño, Lipán Takings, Diableros, Daniel Vedia, Jose Simón and the Simple one. In addition, Jose Simón commented that he exists the possibility that adds the santiagueños of Glimpse, and the Tierral of Buenos Aires.

The Enchanted Warehouse will renew all their magic

It will be possible to be enjoyed a billboard composed by artists of first level from the 15 to the 21 of February, in the scene “Single Payo?.

In only five days, in the scene “Single Payo?, of the Enchanted Warehouse, edition of the Serenade to Cafayate will rise to the curtain to 36º. From 15 Monday February to Sunday 21 of February the more important event folkloric of the NOA raises the curtain to share the spell of seven moons, in the heat of heart of the Calchaquíes Valleys.

The Serenade to Cafayate was born in 1974 by idea of Mr. Arnaldo Echart. Cafayate, blessed earth, “… the one that drinks of its wine gains dream and loses pain…?, says to Manuel poet Castile, since the locality not only is recognized in the world by its landscapes, but also by the quality of its wines.

With carnival heat by day, unforgettable nights and the traditional one to dawn to the rate of the “Chaqueño?, the Serenade is an opportunity to enjoy this earth, that gets dressed celebration year to year when the classic shout of the speaker Oscar Humacata, “Alegrate Cafayate?, returns to the Serenade to mix the dawn in the vineyards with the guitars and songs of the Enchanted Warehouse.

They will dedicate this edition to Eduardo Falú, artist salteño, by its contribution to the national culture and its trajectory (the concertista Carlos Martinez will realize part of the tribute). In addition, artists of the stature of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, Red Jorge will act, Pinto Teresa Parodi, Mariana Reed, Facundo Toro, Sergio Galleguillo, Mariana Cayón, Luciani Franc, Federico Maldonado, Takings Lipán, Abel, Néstor Garnica and the Changos.

Today they realize the launching of the Serenade to Cafayate

The act will be carried out to 11, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture.

The official launching of the thirtieth sixth edition of the Serenade to Cafayate, that will turn between 15 Monday and Sunday 21 of February, in that locality of the Calchaquí Valley is predicted for today. The press conference will be developed, from the 11, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture - Homemade 460-. It will count on the presence of Juan Esteban Ocampo, intendant of Cafayate; members of the Permanent Commission; the Girl of the Serenade; and some folcloristas that will act in the event.

“Also for today the beginning of the sale of entrances is predicted, that will be realized by Internet and in the Forum of Intendants of It jumps Capital, in Intendance of Cafayate and the commercial premises of Tucuman?, it assured Brave, integral Maxi of the Permanent Commission of the Serenade. “In this new edition, a tribute to Eduardo Falú will be realized, by its contribution to the national culture and by their trajectory?, Bravo added.

“The Calandria? maintains its voice and its use

The singer will appear tomorrow in the new edition of the Celebration of the Pachamama, in the locality of Purmamarca.

The Gladys singer Rodriguez, well-known in the artistic atmosphere like “the Bolivian Calandria?, will be one of the main figures during the new edition of the Celebration of the Pachamama, that will tomorrow be fulfilled in the locality jujeña of Purmamarca.

The appointment folkloric will summon important representatives of northern music, some of resident them at the moment in Europe, as Miguel is the case of tilcareño Key. Also bandoneón greater of the Gorge will stand out the presence of Daniel Vedia “?, and the soloist Claudia Vilte.

“It will be a pleasure to act in that locality jujeña, a province that always offered much love me. I will review my extensive repertoire, where I will include the great successes of my artistic race?, assured the singer.

Rodriguez was born in the Bolivian locality of Huacaya, department of Sucre, but from very small she took root in the province of Jumps. “When she was young it sang in the scholastic acts and familiar meetings in my native town. Just when Santa Rosa lived in Colony, I began to penetrate in the professional plane, always tie to the Bolivian folklore. Just at the beginning of `90 my son Robert impelled to me to sing tropical, and so he was not mistaken, arose in my repertoire `Pasito there tum tum', that was a success between people?, added.

She realized his first passages in music within our province next to the orchestra of Lizardo Macías. “Thanks to this masterful remembering I gathered my first experiences on a scene. I had the luck to know my country next to the song, and have forces to follow many years more?.
After the action in Purmamarca, Gladys Rodriguez will confront different commitments in the Branch jujeño. Also one will appear in the city of Oran.

The group of “the Calandria? is satisfied to Robert, its son; Victor Salvatierra, his husband; Alberto Rodriguez, their brother, and Elio Fernandez Rodriguez, their nephew.

The one of Purmamarca it is a celebration that year to year perhaps agglutinates of music folkloric, especially the northern one. But in addition the Contest of the Cheese of Goat is realized and a parade of different tropillas from the Gorge. The artistic billboard will be completed with outstanding artists of different points from the country.

XXII Celebration of the Pachamama and XXIII Contest of the Cheese of Goat

A new edition of these encounter will tomorrow take place from the 10 in the morning in Place 9 of Julio of the locality of Purmamarca.

The organization is in charge of the Purmamarca Association and the Popular Library Viltipoco.

In the inaugural act and after the hoisting of the National flag, the welcome words will be in charge of the president of the organizing association, Natalia Cross. The encounter will continue with songs sung to are of the boxes, in reference to the Mother Earth.

To 11 gauchas will begin the parade gaucho around the place with the participation of the groupings the Antigal and the Orejano.

The Concruso of the Cheese of Goat will soon be developed in the facilities of the Club Santa Rosa, with the participation of artisan queseras of all the province. The interested ones will be able to register until the moment of the beginning.

The jury will evaluate the flavor and the texture of the cheese made in artisan form, to give important prizes soon to the winners.

After the competition a lunch will be served to all the participant queseras, that will be brightened up by musical groups folkloric.

The ceremony to give to eat to the Pachamama will be from the 15 on the foot of the Barrow. After which one will become indicated of the cabritos and the enflorada one of the property, that will finish with the copleada one to are of boxes, erkenchos and anatas.

During afternoon it will be developed also a Carpera Rock in which one will count on the activities of the Mulato Tomás and its set, and Carpero Feeling. And finally from the 20, the Great Festival Folkloric of the encounter will take place, with the activities of Daniel Vedia, and his set, Feeling Carpero, the Youthful Orchestra of Purmamarca, the Jujeño Elías, Miguel Key, and Gladis Rodriguez “the Bolivian Calandria, to amuse itself dancing until the dawn.

Purmamarca honor to the “Mother Earth?

The soloist Claudia Vilte will be one of the central numbers of the evening that will be carried out in Jujuy.

The singer and author Claudia Vilte will appear within the framework next to other salteños musicians of the Celebration of the Pachamama, to be developed in the locality jujeña of Purmamarca, next Saturday. It will be a celebration that will congregate important representatives of northern music, some of resident them at the moment in Europe, as in the case of tilcareño Miguel Key, besides Daniel Vedia, “bandoneón greater of the Gorge?; and Gladys Rodriguez, “the Bolivian Calandria? and other important names.

Vilte will present/display in the spectacular frame purmamarqueño several of the subjects of its next record work “Comparseras?, that reunites present songs of comparsas, all of its responsibility, with music composed by her as well as with originating adjustments of the old traditional popular song book. Between the subjects they appear “the sadness of Regina?, in memory of a personage of Purmamarca; “Zamba of the old man?, in tribute to its aunt grandmother Ines Walls; “mother?, subject popularized by Jorge Cafrune; “Do6na Eloísa?, a dedicated bailecito Eloísa Quival, another remarkable woman of Purmamarca; the bailecito “Always I return?, a tribute to its friendly; “Zamba of August?, among others. “Acó? Vilardel, Ramiro Torres and Sebastián (winds) will accompany the singer.

The Godsons at the time celebrate with song contests and more

The reception will be with a chocolate, cake and the presentation of the flag.

Awaited “Thursday arrived from godson?, who in the case of the Association Flower of Amancay, will be celebrated by fourteenth time, in tribute to the children and young people of the population.

Until the 13 it will be the reception of the goddaughters and godsons, to those who a chocolate will use to them. After the words of welcome and inauguration, in charge of the organizers, the donations in the theater box of the godsons will be located.

In addition the presentation will become of the Flag of the Godsons on the part of the godmother, Elvira Cheek; and the presentation of the cake for the homenajeados ones, in charge of Las Madrinas Carolina González and Sara Salazar.

Within the framework of the activities anticipated for this day the Contest of Copleros will be realized, the Contest of Recitadores and the Contest of People who carries a cane. The jury will be integrated by copleras copleros and of Jujuy and Salta.

After the delivery of the corresponding prizes, in charge of the godfathers and godmothers who realized the donations, a lunch served by the family Toconás Venencia will be realized, founders of the event that transmits the culture to the children and young people.

Later, closing the encounter in the Chorrillos, from the 14, the caravan will go to the estates of the field of soccer of the locality of Leon, where the Encounter of Godsons will be realized III, organized by the Cultural Association of Leon, founded by Mirta Calizaza.

Program of Tilcareño January

Thursday of Godsons will be celebrated to 11 in the central place.

The program of Tilcareño January anticipates for Thursday 28, to 11 in the central place, the denominated encounter “Looking for the carnival?, opportunity in which the ahijaditos with the support will appear and presentation of the band that will animate to the traditional celebration carnestolenda.

To 12,30, it will be received the participants of the March Patriótica and Evocativa to Horse that she has as final destiny the city of Humahuaca. To the same hour, in the shed of the municipal market the invitation to the lunch with sets will be realized folkloric, whereas to 15 the popular dance begins.

To 20, in the conference hall of the Museum “Medardo Pantoja? the documentary one “By the ways of the Malón of La Paz? will be exhibited, in charge of Solitude Bettendorff and Diego Rosemary. In the occasion also the America group will act Deep.

Friday 29 to 20, in the central place of the summery town, pasacalle of comparsas will take traditional place and groupings tilcareñas and presentation in the scene greater “Germa'n Churqui Choquevilca? of Pay as a tax comparsas Them Takes, Few but crazy, Sumay Tacos, the Earthenware bowls and the Copleros de Juella, and the groupings the ahijaditos, the old woman choclos and the Gozairas. To 21, in the Terry club, the “Dance of the Beer? will be carried out, with Faktory DJ, among others artists.

Also, to 20 in the Museum “Medardo Pantoja?, they will project documentary the ethnographic “Tribute to Jorge PreLoran?, in charge of the Museum Foundation Medardo Pantoja, and “Hermógenes Key?.

Saturday 30 from the 20, in the Choquevilca scene, the festival folkloric will reunite to the Singers of the Dawn, the Chinito, Delia Kitchen garden, Infernal of Güemes, the salamanqueros genies and the Amancay. Also the queen of Tilcareño January will choose itself, with Faktory DJ and Caesar and his group Happiness.

The celebration of the crafts and the folklore already live in the locality San Carlos

Today the group will appear jujeño the Tekis, Those of the River, Song 4, Guitarreros and the Voices of Oran, among others.

In only some hours the curtain will rise to the vigésimonovena edition of the Artisan Fair of the Calchaquíes Valleys, that every year is fulfilled in the locality of San Carlos.

“The celebration began Tuesday last with the inauguration of the fair, that has exhibitors of all the NOA. It is sample of an artisan, native character, for charity, organized annually by the Municipality of San Carlos from year 1981 in uninterrupted form with the traditional support of local and foreign craftsmen together with the intermediate institutions and town generally?, explained the engineer Vásquez Robert, intendant of that locality.

It is the first formally provincial fair of crafts and her organization has been motivated by the necessity to tie to this important production with other markets, but essentially to be the window of a new tourist project that ties history and the crafts with the national and international community making of San Carlos a tourist center of regional importance.

When was consulted it with respect to the objectives of the fair, Vásquez indicated: “It is important to promote the tourism by means of the history and the craftsmen of San Carlos; to spread possibilities of commercialization of the native local crafts; to contribute deprived initiatives to the fortification of this popular celebration; to look for approach of new markets in the area of production centers and, finally, to nationally spread to the authenticity of products and the commercial importance that the same represent for the production of the regional economy?.

“The india berry of the dessert? of this great call will be the festival folkloric to be developed enters today and tomorrow - Friday and Saturday, in the municipal estate, where the main figures of the national popular song book will appear.

“We know that it is difficult to amortize the cost of the artistic billboard, we are going but it to compensate with other income, like being the municipal camping. The idea is that we offer to the assistants a spectacle him of great level, with artists who stand out in the festivales of greater spread of the country. It is not necessary to forget that by this scene figures like the Chalchaleros disfilaron, Horacio Guarany - the scene takes its name, the Nocheros, the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, between many more. We calculate that near ten thousand people they will be added both in days of the festival?, added.

“In the last days we have received many reserves, that encourage to us to continue working hard after the success of the spectacle folkloric. Many of the inns and lodgings no longer take place. Also many houses of family were qualified to lodge the visitors. The truth that without the support of the people of the town, the effort would duplicate and this celebration would not be so successful?, sentenced Vásquez Robert.

The billboard

Today the first evening will be carried out, with the presence of the Tekis. The experience will contribute the Voices to it of Oran. The freshness will arrive with Song 4, Jose Garci'a, Guitarreros, and Those of the River. The program will be completed with the Teucos, the humor of Agapito, “Chicha? Guanca, and the Strangers of the Chaco. Tomorrow they will be Cuti and Roberto Carabajal, Sergio Galleguillo, Nacho and Daniel - ex- the Guaraníes-, Paola Aryan, Chicha Guanca, Juárez Shepherd, the Ceibales, the Changos and the Agapito humorist. Sunday the customary popular dance will be made. In addition, skills will be realized gauchas, strolls and long walks. The entrances for the festival have a value of $20 (popular), $30 (silverplates) and $40 (preferential).

Successful Festive beginning of XXXIV the Folkloric one of the Huancar

The launching was with an act the past Mondays, in which there were words, and activities of first level, that anticipate the encounter.

From the night of the last Monday, already everything knows to folklore, because the centric streets of old Siberia Argentina embriagan of music and songs for all time, is that the thirty fourth edition of the Folkloric Festival of the Huancar started up, but the aged one of the festivales of its type that are realized in the territory jujeño.

Without comparison, without pride, but with unrestricted respect to the expressions that arise from the popular culture, It abra Pampas or it abrió the doors of his generous heart to receive the singers and popular musicians on the one hand, and by another one to tourists which or they overwhelmed the hotel infrastructure with the capital of the puneños, it is that the mysterious call of the Huancar and his salamancas has precise obedience of own and visitors.

The launching

As it was anticipated, at night of Monday one became serious with the tourist launching of this new edition of the Folkloric Festival of the Huancar in a special ceremony that the municipal intendant Ariel presided over Adolph Crusher next to members of his cabinet and accompanied by the holder of the Deliberative Council, Juan Isidro Vilca, and they could not lack the workers of the culture, neighbors and an important amount of tourists.

After words of Director Municipal of Culture and Tourism, Wilfredo Viterman Valdivieso, who emphasized the importance of the extension of the activities that they half-close to the central celebration of the festivalero Huancar, was presented/displayed the person in charge of the flaming Office of Tourism, Gabriel Tolaba, son of the folklorista outstanding Alfredo Héctor Tolaba; he must stand out that with the qualification of this office the work is fortified that is realized in favor of the tourism.

Also the intendant Ariel Machaca spoke, who was thankful for the disinterested sample of support of the community abra-pampeña to the benefit of the Festival of the Huancar.

This last one weighed the commitment of the Director of Culture and Tourism, of flaming designation, indicating that Valdivieso will know to continue by the difficult footpath abierta by Facundo Raul Crusher, footpath that exactly leads to the revaluation of the cultural manifestations of the towns of the north jujeño.

The songs thrown to flight in the sweet voice of Paula Aryan, and the regional poetry next to the dances set out by dancers of the Cultural Group Takin Tusuy, comprised of the ceremony of launching of the Festival of the Huancar, which became serious with the traditional tape cut to leave inaugurated the Museum of the regional customes and the samples of photographies of the zone in charge of Raul Tabarcache and Reinaldo Alexander Waiter, exhibitions that will be qualified to the public until next Saturday.

But all the Fist waits for the night of Friday that comes, day of the first festivalera day, and the most waited for it is Saturday since the presence of the national figure of Victor Heredia, singer of the deepest truths of our nation, already causes such commotion that the hotel reserves are overwhelmed.

And nor what to think than it will be Sunday in the natural scene there that is the Huancar for the song jujeño that scatters from these heights towards all the country and this part of brown America.

A voice that “resounds' in our Jujuy and the country

The folclorista purmamarqueño will present/display east weekend, its disc within the framework of Tilcareño January.

It never stops producing, singing, publishing, recording, in the capital jujeña, its native Purmamarca, Federal Capital where they wait for every year to it, and in each corner of our province where it goes with his music and it enjoys his landscape.

Lipán takings are that, song and taste nourished reason why it and it continues it enriching to continue offering what somebody called “the song of Purmamarca?.

The past year published a new disc, from that wonderful spectacle that presented/displayed at the beginning of 2009 in Jujuy and soon it showed in Buenos Aires, “Rumblings?.

With the same title that presentation, saw the light when the year mediated that went away, the record work that will appear for the first time in our province, this Thursday and Friday. The appointment is in Cinema Municipal Hall “Jose San Martin? of the city of Tilcara, from the 21,30 two nights.

The disc includes subjects like which it gives to name to the CD “Rumblings him? (poem in off, of and by Lipán Takings), “Santa Rosa and Sacatripa? (march and morning call D.R compiled by Lipán Takings), “molineña? (zamba of Domingo Rivers and Lipán Takings), “the miner? (tonada-huayno, of Jaime Medinacelli, “the Jovita Perez (zamba of Domingo Rivers and Lipán Takings, “a tear? (bailecito of Rigoberto “Tarateño? Red Suárez), “Cueca of coyas? (of Oscar Valles and Antonio Pantoja), “Carnavalito quiaqueño? (of Lipán takings), “the Condor Happens? (Oscar Valles and Alomías Robles), “humpa? (zamba of Atahualpa Yupanqui), “popular Farmer of Florencio? (D.R compiled by Lipán Takings), “Songs?, and “the Glad ones of the Mill? (carnavalito comparsero of Lipán Takings).

The presentation, of this ninth recorded work of Lipán Takings, is framed in the programming of January Tilcareño 2010, with a spectacle of authentic village folkloric expression, as they say the twelve subjects to it that compose this CD. That is to say, a genuine sample of the song, the music and the dance of the zone.

For it, the singer will count on a select list of jujeños musicians and a pair of dance with allegorical attires. In addition he will have like guest the outstanding Group Chakra de Tilcara.
“Rumblings? were recorded in the Silver, province of Buenos Aires, between July and September of 2009 under the own seal, UKIA.

In the first part, the public will be able to listen to all the subjects that integrate the disc, and already in the second part, the Chakra group will raise the scene. One third part of the encounter with the tourist public jujeño and, will be starts off to cross the subjects of previous discs of our artist.

Lipán takings besides singing, will execute guitar, bandoneón, and other instruments. In addition they will accompany Tolaba Franc, in erke, quena and sikus; Carlos Peñalva, in charango and choir; Gustavo Rodriguez, in guitar and second voice; Juan Mamaní, in low and choir; Rodrigo Benítez, in big drum and choir; Mario Gutiérrez, in redoblante; and Solitude Cross, in voice and choirs.

Today the programming of Tilcareño January begins

Tonight it will act in the greater scene, the Tukuta Gordillo and other artists.

Today the programming of traditional “Tilcareño January? begins to be developed.
From the 10 in the central place Colonel Alvarez Prado of the city of Tilcara will be realized the official launching, with a spectacular celebration that includes erkes, cajeadas, copleadas, own dances of the local culture.

Tonight from the 20, in addition he will take place the Festival Folkloric and Rock Folkloric “Tilcareñazo? in the scene “Germa'n Walter Churqui Choquevilca?, who will culminate with a dance rock.

Between the artists who will appear tonight in the scene, they stand out, Tukuta Gordillo, Adriana Tula, Micaela Chauque, Chakras Group, Rene Tolaba and its Friendly, Group Supay Tawa, Tilcara Vive, Tarpuy Group, and Enrique Sumbaino, among others.

For the next Thursday the presentation of the concert of Lipán Takings is predicted in the hall “Jose San Martin?, where it will show the subjects of his last disc, “Rumblings?. That same day the Chalas group will do the own thing in the municipal hall. Friday will be made the presentation of comparsa “Few but Crazy?.

For Saturday 16, it is anticipated that in the greater scene from the 20, the action of the delegation of Palpalá, the Ballet Jujuy, the Zaino Fertile valley, the Creoles, the Carperos, Dark brown Aryans, Lipán Takings, Those of Tartagal, Coroico, the Copleros, Group Awariñas, the Changos Of the Huaico and Wuamani.

The proposals of this new edition of Tilcareño January will continue with more concerts of Lipán Takings (Thursday 21), the presentation of comparsa You would enjoy “Them? (Friday 22), and contest of the Yusca (Sunday 24). Saturday 23, the greater festival will present/display to Dance Wara, the Chucumas (8 dancers), Delegation of Colony Santa Rosa de Salta, Mariela Valenzuela, the Wild one You lick, the Copleros, Ballet image of Bolivia (of La Paz), kjarkas, Faba Kingar (soloist that third disc will be showing to subjects of his).

Thursday 28 “Thursday of Godsons? from the 11 in the central place of Tilcara will be celebrated, and soon the traditional lunch with the sets folkloric and the popular dance will take place.
The last night of the festival (30), will bring to the scene to Delia Kitchen garden, the Infernal ones of Güemes, the Joint Colony Santa Rosa, the Genies Salamanqueros, the Amancay, the Singers of the Dawn, the Chinito and Coroico.

Tilcareño January edition of the Marathon by the Ways of the Patrimony of the Humanity in the place of Tilcara will conclude the 31 with 6º until the Throat of the Devil and the ceremony of conclusion of this popular celebration.

Edition of the Privateerings of Flowers begins 105ª

Today the imaginary curtain of the parades will rise, when the first groupings unfold their magic before the public.

Like every year, Hillocks will receive as of today an important number of spectators who will live, from the 22, the inaugural act of the Privateerings of Flowers 2010 in 105ª edition, opening that will be in charge of the School of Dances Tames Marks of that locality.

This group, integrated by 40 dancers, will dance to the rate of the Argentine popular song book by corsódromo “Güemes?, unfolding the work “the Carnival of Oil mill Fields?, that were presented/displayed in Ferinoa, in Santa Fe and Cosquín, having given him brightness and color to the inaugural night, with the cartoons of the great sketcher already disappeared. The objective to present/display this work in the privateering is that the public reflects on the traditional elements that the new generations contribute to the culture and which they do not have to be lost.

Once finalized the inaugural act, that will count on the participation of authorities of the provincial and municipal Government, the celebration will begin to live itself with the joy of the different groupings, that will be demonstrating to their abilities carnestolendas.

Cost of the entrances

The general entrance will have a cost of $5 for majors of 12 years, minors from the 8 years will pay $2. With his entrance the spectator will be able to participate in important drawings of electric home appliances all the nights. Corsódromo will count on 4,000 chairs prepared throughout the route and also they will be able to accede to a preferential theater box.

Within the main place 10 chemical baths will settle and will be an ambulance presents/displays all the nights to take care of the possible emergencias of health.
Also one will unfold important an operative one of security, with numerous police cash affected and personal of Road Security and Transit in all the communication channels of the town.

As it is custom, the increase of units of transport is guaranteed before to the spectators and after each parade, considering the important flow of spectators that moves from the different localities from the Valley of Lerma. This way, the “Capital of the Carnival? will be transformed once again into a celebration, with dances and perfume of basil, the brightness of the groupings, the rumbling of tumbadoras and the bells of the farm managers. The parades will continue days 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30 and 31 of January. For the third weekend the presence of the Rep it of the Branch announced, of San Pedro de Jujuy, with more than 150 members.


At the beginning of the past century a group of enthusiastic young people of the time had the brilliant idea to organize parades of Hillock disguises to celebrate the carnival. To the few days a few boy took a walk with their disguises by the main street, between the row of the young ladies and ladies who brought closer themselves to the paths to greet the passage of these “audacious ones?. They did not lack either who with thanks sent to flowery water and serpentines to the disguised ones.

With running of the years, the authorities of the town went taking part and helped the organization of the privateerings and they imposed the name to him of Privateerings of Flowers.

Another fundamental step in the history of the cerrillanos carnivals was the installation of the famous carps, like the one of gift Marks Tames, the popular “Chañarcito?, on the main street, that went turning into attractive irresistible for youth of past decades.

Already much more close in the time, they began to install chairs and to acquire entrance to help to resolve the spectacles and to invite to comparsas of other cardinal points.

Moments of Candle Garci'a Schwarcz

Sunday 13 of December, to 19, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460), the final sample of the Study of Dances will be realized Candle Garci'a Schwarcz. The same includes, under the name of Moments, different choreographic proposals. The Study of Dances has been coming working for several years in the formation from children and young people in the difficult art of the dance with optimal results. The first prizes obtained in contests guarantee their work of recognized trajectory.

The students of Nascent and Intermediate Level received technical attendance of the teacher Lourdes Font (Withdrawn of the Institute of Art of the Theater Columbus and Maestra Trainer of the Ballet of the Province) and the air control team of received classes of Technique Clásica and Partenaire with the Facundo dancer Towers. The Camila girl Go'mez (7) was selected by hearing to participate next to the Ballet of the Province in Pedro and the Wolf.

Moments it is a dynamic spectacle, that offers colorful diversity and. He is destined to all the family, with the guarantee of which nobody is going away to bore. “It is the ideal moment so that the parents who observe interest by the dance in its children, they know our work they excite and them?.

The first part is an adaptation of the story of Disney, that in this function will take the name of You foretell…! in a work with 80 children and young people in scene. Personages like Tinkerbell, Silvermist, Rosette, Fawn, Iridessa, Vidia, gotitas of water, bichitos of light, flowers, rainbow, in a world of you foretell full of magic and fantasy… in a frame where the classic dance is the expression means. The clothes design and accomplishment were in charge of Forest Hernandez and the idea, choreography, putting and direction by professor Candela Garci'a Schwarcz.

The second part of Moments is composed by works created especially by the Teachers of the Study for the lucimiento of its students: Arab in charge of Gabriela Acosta, Rythmical Gymnastics by Veronica Lorenzo and Jazz by Candle Garci'a Schwarcz.

General entrance to $20, for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture, Caretakers 460.

Andrea Rico and Santiago Lamagni closes “the Song that is born new?

As it closes of the cycle the Song that Is born New, Santiago Lamagni and Andrea Rico will offer a recital the next Saturday 12 of December, to 22, in the Mecano room (Homemade 460). Accompanied by Ramiro Aquino in low and Gabriel Turfs in percussion, the local musicians will present/display a repertoire integrated by own compositions and classic works of the pop music, proposing a route by the rates, colors and poetry of the Latin American song.

Santiago Lamagni and Andrea Rico initiated their musical history by year 1995 with the purpose of to show songs that they look for to transmit thoughts, to forge foundations of brings back to consciousness social and to live urgencies like the love, the death, the fright and the tenderness; main motivating forces that conformed this reduced joint.

In September, October and November of 2007, the pair carries out a tour by Argentina and Cuba, that culminated with its participation in XV Encuentro de Latin American Cultura of Holguín. In Poetic April of 2008 they participate in II the Encounter of in the province of Tucuman, organized by the National University of Tucuman and the Cultural Being of that city.

Santiago and Andrea are preparing the edition of their first record work, whose presentation is anticipated for April of the next year.

The young artists stand out by their delicate esthetic value and the subtility that unfolds in each of their presentations, proposing to the Song as a form to create, to live and to reflect.

The Cycle

Organized by the group of alternative culture, Between the Fright and the Tenderness, the Song that Is born New is a cycle that intends the diffusion of the work of independent cantautores of the rear area, promoting alternative spaces of encounter between the public and the artist.

The tucumanos artists Topo Encinar, Matías Manzur, Marks “Indian? Cansinos and the mendocino cantautor Hugo comprised of this cycle Fernandez Panconi.

Entrances for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture. Anticipated $10, the day of spectacle $15.

Villamil solitude sings to him to the love through tangos, milongas and valses

It continues the propose celebration by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Province, through the Secretariat of Culture. Framed in the Cycle the Culture nonDuer to me, tonight to 21 in Place 9 of Julio, It jumps will adhere to the celebration of the Day the International of the Tango. The salteños will have the opportunity to outdoors enjoy the presentation of the actress and singer Villamil Solitude their spectacle To die of Love. In addition, the recognized actor and Rodrigo singer of the Serna the Yotivenco will take control present of its group. This Integra spectacle a series of presentations that, within the cycle the Tango is Ours, will be realized in simultaneous in our city, Mendoza, Ushuaia, Formosa and city of Buenos Aires, organized jointly with Secretariat of Culture of the Nation.

Saturday 12, to 21, Jumps will enjoy the beauty of its dance. The Ballet of the Province will imprimirá grace and movement to our traditional Place 9 of Julio with Bolero and extracts of the Mesías.

As it closes, Sunday 13 of December, from the 19, the Night of the Museums will be realized. Museums the provincial and, those nationals, policemen and deprived that adheres, will open to their doors with free and gratuitous entrance and diverse bids for all the pleasures.

Cronogram the Night of the Museums

Museum of Anthropology of Jumps (Army of Norte and Single Ricardo)

19.30h Documentary Cinema: A world that is going away, documentary on the Wichis of the Chaco Salteño. Next Crafts of the Chane de Salta.

21h Concert of Andean Music with Pablo Maraglia accompanies, it: Alexander Uriona in guitar and charango, Claudius Ledesma in percussion. They will present/display the music CD White Wind of Pablo Maraglia.

22h Pasties and came. Toast with the public present

Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps (Belgrano esq. Vine shoot)

18h Opening of Sample of Argentine Artists of the patrimony of the Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps

21h Action of Trio De Jazz Towers - Saluzzi - Goldstein

Museum Marries Aryan Rengel (Florida 20)

19h Presentation of the Pair Quintessence

20h Puppets position of the group Lionesses

Temporarias samples in Ground floor
Art to the plate
Of iron we are Sculptures of Pounding Velazco

Permanent samples in High Plant
Tywaras and Bambas Campomar Collection of African art
Sculptures of the Patrimony of the Museum
Bequeathed room Leguizamón Movable and sets of dishes of time

Museum of Anthropology of High Mountain (Miter 77)

The museum will distribute between the infantile concurrence alfajores and treats.

Museum of Contemporary Art (Zuviría90)

Guided and participating visits special
19 to 20h Projection of artistic videos
20.30h Performance of the Company of Numen dance
22 to 23h Projection of artistic videos
Body painting

Archaeological museum Pío Pablo Diaz de Cachi (Juan Calchaquí s/n. Next to the Church and to the front of the Main Place)

18.30h Meeting with the Small Friendly of the Museum to prepare a visit guided along with Jorge Cabral.

19h guided VIsita public generally and tourists in charge of a specialist of the museum. The reserve area will have its doors abiertas for a general understanding of the missions and specific functions of this museum.

20h Entrega of certificates to the assistants of the Course of Formation of Local Guides.

20.30h Toast and action of the Ballet Folkloric Joining dreams.

The “Chaqueño? will close the year

Also Gustavo Cordova, Sap and the Group will act Sour cherry.

The veiled one comes last from the year for the Dance Cacharpaya and the main figure will be nothing less than the “Chaqueño? Palavecino. The night folkloric Thursday 17 of December will be crystallized, from the 23, in the Station Mega (Balcarce to the 800). The artistic billboard will complete with the Group Sour cherry, the soloist Gustavo Cordova and the ascending set Sap.

The occasion will be propitious to celebrate the birthday of “Chaqueño? -18 of December and surely many followers will appear themselves to happy birthday to you sing to this convoking artist salteño to him, that comes to realize two successful recitales in the Great Rex, of Buenos Aires, to full room.

The anticipated general entrances of 35 pesos will be on sale from today in the Cacharpaya - Balcarce 922-, Gieco Bar - Sarmiento and Santiago of the Matting, small square IV Centuries - Alberdi and Caseros- and Integral Optica - High NOA Shopping-.

One night of folklore with Luis Leguizamón

The son of the remembered “Cuchi? Leguizamón will offer his repertoire in the premises of street Esteco 117, from the 23.

“One night of folklore with Luis Leguizamón?, will be denominated to the evening in which the mentioned artist will return to eet again itself with his public. The appointment with the popular song book will be carried out from the 23, in the Tinthaya premises (Esteco 117).

Luis crosses, for several years, the circuit folkloric all over the country, always obstinate to an exquisite repertoire devised by his father: the remembered Gustavo “Cuchi? Leguizamón.
He tells that his father, when appeared it to its friendly in the coffees, said: “And this it is Luisito, the last volume without binding?.

Luis, the minor of the four children men of the creator of “the Pomeña?, “Balderrama? and a monumental work folkloric, will offer a review of his extensive repertoire.

He claims that weight to him not to be the son of the “Cuchi?, that anyone has not had that privilege, “The one to grow every day listening how his father removes from his hands the beauty of the things, from the Earth and the men. I am a lucky type and I have total conscience of that?. Him note when Pisa the scene, moves, speaks and sings with a seriousness shows that it like a man happy for being the one who is.

Luis Leguizamón sings the subjects of his father with a delivery that he shakes. The applause rains to him prodigal on the smile populated with infinity of teeth. One that is looked much like the one of the legendary composer.

Today it will be an excellent opportunity to listen to this soloist salteño.

They appear Song today the 4 and Five Voices

The artistic billboard is completed with the consecrated Abel Pinto. The spectacle will begin to 23 in the Station Mega.

The curtain of the Dance Cacharpaya will rise to take passage to great artists. The meeting folkloric, that will have like scene the Station Mega (Balcarce to the 800), will begin to 23.
Abel Pinto will arrive with all successes to add to this proposal of Mario Teruel and Alexander Palaces. The young singer also will take advantage of the occasion to present/display the subjects of his last record material titled “the key?.

Song 4 will be another strong bet of the organizers. During the past few years, this group salteño comes gaining space in the most important festivales from the country.

The formation is composed by Juan Peñalva (big drum and voice), Facundo Rufino (guitar and voice), Rodrigo Villarreal (guitar and voice) and Iván Side (guitar and voice).

The group was born in `99 when the young people were students of the Tomasini school. By those years they gained a called contest “Is born a star? and it encouraged that them to put completely in the world of music.

The 2003 were a decisive year for them. The dreams governed their minds and they did not doubt in betting hard to its talent. They took root in Buenos Aires, after being declared Consecration of the Serenade to Cafayate. From they were evolving there, without stopping working an own style.

As if this outside little, the program will include the action of the feminine set the Five Voices. The group is integrated by Veronica Marks, Issa Solitude, Calabrian Melina, Jimena Teruel and Estefanía Niewolski. The girls appeared successfully in diverse festivales folkloric of the country. Its new disc calls “the Five Voices? and the first cut, whose letter composed Veronica Marcos and Jimena Teruel and that has music of Issa Solitude, denominates “lofty Caminito?.

This work includes ten subjects, the majority of responsibility of the group. In the repertoire of songs Latin rates megre folkloric and, with the unquestionable seal of these fresh voices salteñas.
In, Abel as much Pinto it will offer a show integrated with all successes and also the key will present the subjects its last record material “?.

One is a spectacle of great technical quality and puttings in scene of first level.
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