Flower of the V arrives at Jujuy With “Livin the crazy widow?

Two functions of the most successful work of the summer in Carlos Peace, “Livin the crazy widow? with the protagónico of Florence of the V and a list that Emilio Disi includes to the excellent actor, announce for Tuesday 27 and Wednesdays 28 of this month, to 22,00 in center Cultural Martin Iron.

More than 120 functions during season 2010 which they attended near 65 thousand spectators, they make of “Livin crazy widow? one of ticket office works.

A young desprejuiciada woman and with desire to live the life, is widow soon after to have married with a old one who knew through facebook. In spite of knowing very little of his late husband she understands quickly that this he had been a millionaire eccentric with tastes enough individuals.

It, a widow who wants to undress of the mourning as rapidly as possible is prepared to that fortune escapes to him among its hands. This is the best opportunity to live “the great life? next to its lover.

Nevertheless around the old missing person, not only it had been in dance a numerous fortune, but also, its butler of all the life (gay) and two children, Agate (an eccentric plastic artist just arrival of the outside that does not understand or that it is what happens around to his) and Tato (unique man of the millionaire, married, with an accentuated taste by the easy women). All they with an acute interest by the money fast and easy, arranged to give fight to that is crossed to remove the best slice to him from the millionaire inheritance.

The deceased, knowing the avidity by the money his wife, her children and until of the same butler, decides to make a prank and to leave before dying a testament with a last and eccentric will that will make know all, in his mansion of summering, through a lawyer.

Around the fight by the inheritance the desopilantes tangles and situations between each one of the personages begin during the hour and a half that lasts the comedy in the open leaving the stingy interests of each one of the personages who are betrayed an a others trying to remove personal advantages to be able to remain with the best part of the inheritance in dance.

The list is integrated by Flower of the V, Emilio Disi, Santiago Almeyda, Toti Ciliberto, Dallys Ferreyra, Gabriel Almiron, Bettina Capetillo, Gabriela Mandate and Augustinian Attias.

The entrances can be acquired exclusively in Annuar Shopping to the following prices: $ 80, $ 100 and $ 120.

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