Flowers to the watercolor, of the artist Ines Landlord Coasts

The painter will present/display her pictorial works, after nine years of absence in the rooms of our province.

Today, to 19, Ines Landlord Coasts will present/display in the Space of Art of the Airport Martin Miguel de Güemes de Salta a series of paintings to the watercolor. They are nine paintings in which the artist developed this technique to develop the thematic one that - according to the artist commented during an interview with the Tribuno- is his specialty: the flowers.

Ines Landlord Coasts was born in Mar del Plata, but great part lived on its life in Jumps. At the moment it lives in Buenos Aires where, besides dedicating itself to the painting, it is dedicated to the clothing design. The painting is an activity that comes developing for twenty years.

At the moment, the artist is overturned of almost exclusive way to the painting of flowers in watercolor, even though between some of his works they can be contemplated naked to the oil. “I always preferred to paint in watercolor because it is the technique that it more has to do with my personality. It attracts the smooth thing to me is transparent, it and clean it of this technique?, it commented Ines Landlord Coasts. And it added: “Most of my work has to do with the flowers and the glass transparencies. The flowers leave to me single, is because I coexist with them. For me it is very important to have the real models at the time of beginning to paint, that adds movement to him to the image, even though the design already is in my head?.

The painter exposed for the first time in Jumps in 2001. She was one of the first times that showed their works, remembers. From she realized exhibitions every two years in galleries of Buenos Aires and Punta del Este, and sent pictures to Chile and to some cities of Europe there, among others.
Every day Ines rises and she spends four or five hours to him to the painting. The artist considers that it is an activity that requires of certainty and daily dedication.

The inspiration - he maintains in change is something risky. “The worse moment is when the paper is in target. Sometimes I go by the freeways of Buenos Aires and I am imagined the painting, I am creating?, commented Landlord Coasts.

The artist began his pictorial formation in Jumps, in the Provincial School of Beautiful Arts “Takings Goatherd?. Later he continued his studies with teachers of watercolor like Peter Malenchini and Guilllermo Roux. Also, in several opportunities he has dictated factories on the technique of the watercolor.

The sample will be open to the public as of today. Simultaneously a exhibition of the watercolorist will be qualified in the Space of Art of the Airport salteña Salty Susana.

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