Folklore and bandoneón in “Festivaleando?

In the province of It jumps for the first time, the bandoneonista Daniel Vedia and the instrumental group Chajmiri will present/display their Festivaleando disc, Friday 30 of October, to 21, in the Mecano room (Homemade 460). Recently Daniel Vedia and the Chajmiri group recorded Festivaleando. The same will appear for the first time in the province of Jumps. It is integrated in his totality by works of jujeños authors, between whom they stand out: Pachi Alderete, Luis Valdiviezo, Daniel Vedia and Daniel Quiroga, among others.

Daniel Vedía inherited of his father bandoneón and he became one of the virtuous majors of the music that offers the North of our country. It shared scene with musicians of the stature of Face i Mule, Gustavo Patiño, Lipán Takings, Ricardo Vilca, Zamba Quipildor, Mariana Reed, among others.

Chajmiri in voice quechua means “harvesters of forgotten fruits?. At the moment it is constituted by Ricardo Maurín (voice and accessories), Cecilia Palaces (flute traversa and winds), Javier Soria (violin, charango and winds), Daniel Quiroga (Guitar), Luis Stairs (under) and Alberto Vargas (percussion).

In the 2006 they accompanied to the teacher Ricardo Vilca like group has supported in different carried out presentations in the city of Buenos Aires, between which they stand out: The Paila, Rock the Colorado, Athenian ND and Salamanca (the Silver).

They conformed the Artistic Delegation that represented the Province of Jujuy in the Festival of Cosquín (2007). They appeared inside in different realized events and outside the Jujuy, most outstanding Ceremony to Pachamama 2008 in the Blue Hall the Senate of the Nation went.

They shared scene with jujeños musical outstanding like: The Barrojo Fat person, musician and cuentista jujeño, Don Máximo bandoneonista Puma jujeño, the teacher Ricardo musical Vilca and composer jujeño, Pachi Alderete young composer jujeño and the teacher Daniel Vedia.

Between the distinctions that received he is possible to emphasize that they were finalists in the red Instrumental Set of 29na. Edition of the Pre-Cosquín for New Values - (Cordova 2000), Revelation in the Festival of the Miner - Mine Aguilar 2000 (Jujuy), Special Mention in recognition to the Artistic work (Foundation Pregón 2000), Plate of gratefulness “… by its valuable contribution to the National culture? granted by the Congress of the Nation (2008).

General entrance $15, for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture.

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