“Gallic of the Folklore of It jumps?

The evening by the Bicentennial of the Revolution of May, will be carried out today, to 22, in the Provincial Theater.

With the action of outstanding artists of national music, it will be carried out today, in the Provincial Theater of Jumps - Zuviría 70 - the “Finery of the Folklore of Jumps for the Bicentennial?. Recognized the folclorista Melania Perez, and the lyrical Fernando Chalabe, will be main the protagonists of the attractive one guarded. The spectacle will begin to 22 and counts on the auspice of the Secretariat of Culture of the Province and it will be realized on the occasion of the Bicentennial of the Revolution of May.
For the opportunity, a spectacle with two remarkable figures of the Argentine song book mounted, that evolve in different musical sorts. Melania, with his expanded and successful race, gained a place of privilege within the folklore. In as much, Chalabe, that also began in the popular song book for many years, penetrates in lyrical music, with base in the Theater Columbus, of Buenos Aires.

Melania was integral of the famous grouping the White Voices. Soon Cow formed by some decades the pair Inheritance next to “Icho?. One is been in Buenos Aires and thence it distributes his song to the rest of the country. Its spectacle was ovacionado during the last edition of the Greater Festival of Cosquín.

On the other hand, Chalabe began his first passages in the capital salteña, where it presented/displayed a repertoire net folkloric. The volume of its voice allowed him to watch other horizons, and when they seted out it did not doubt in unfolding his talent in the lyrical song.

Also, the Ballet of Dances Folkloric the North South will contribute the traditional dances to tonight of native celebration. The musical direction will be in charge of the musician Julio Reynaga.
The entrance is free and gratuitous, without location and by order of arrival. The access will be qualified from 21.30.

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