Gallego will appear today in the Hairdressing salon

“The Galician? trio jujeño will return to touch tonight in a local scene, in “the Hairdressing salon Pub?, where it will present/display an intimate show with songs new and those of his next disc.
Juan Acosta (voice and electrical guitar) Vernal Luis (under electrical) and Rafael Lohrengel (battery), explained that for the opportunity they will install a scene in the low silver of the pub, “to share with the public a more intimate climate?.
In visit announced publicly, Juan commented that the band is in plans “to sing much live? and prepares a Dark brown show next to Aryans, to be presented/displayed in Jujuy and Buenos Aires.
Gallego is a band of rock born in the province, and has been more than eleven years walking by the routes of the national rock. Music that will present/display tonight will be of fusion taking native thematic rates and.
The artists have a site in Internet from which it is possible to be acceded to biography, photos, connections to social networks, and samples of their music:
Finally, Gallego will appear tomorrow in the city of Jumps, in the mythical “Zeppelin Bar?, Necochea Nº 741 (almost Balcarce).


In 2007 “Gallego? travels to Buenos Aires to record her first record work in the Galápagos studies. The production was in charge of Luis Robinson, the mixture and masterización by engineer Néstor Tinaro.
The disc contains thirteen subjects, between which they stand out “I remain here?, first simple of its album debut, and a ten of songs by far “to power?, besides counting on three taken popular subjects of the Argentine Northwest to the esthetic one of the band. As musical guests participate Ricardo Mollo (Divided), Nicholas Raffetta and Luis Robinson.
“Galician? it is a group that is looking for a space in the music of the Argentine rock, presenting/displaying a strong and compact sound, it mixes of “power trios? of years 70', but with strong influences of the music of the plateau. This is the proposal that will be able to be seen in scene tonight in the premises Turn white 526.

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