Heavy metal in the stops of the Miter Theater

Aggressor will present/display “Spiritual Llama?, his first record material.

The band of heavy Attacking metal of jujuy will appear tonight to 21 in the room “Martin Raul Gallant? of the Miter Theater.

This spectacle will be realized within the framework of the cultural cycle denominated “alternative music lives in Jujuy?, supported by the Secretariat of Culture of the Province.

In the occasion the presents will be able to enjoy the presentation of “Spiritual Llama?, first record work of the local band.

Jorge González (guitar and voice), Joaquin Sword (guitar), Emilio Cross (under) and Izetta Marks (battery) are the integral musicians of Aggressor who come touching within underground from the metalera scene of the province.

The formation officially made debut the 21 of September of year 2007 in a recital outdoors and could share scene with bands of its same musical style of the country, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.
In the middle of the 2008, they manage to record demo test and they continue appearing by the interior of the province, like for example, in the Huancar, in Resisting the Rock of the Quiaca and in the Chicha Rock of San Salvador de Jujuy.

The objective of the members of the grouping is the one to pass on message on real facts, “before to sing sterile things since it makes the majority of the commercial groups?.

“We think that the things are going to change and want that people understand the one that with personal effort the planet is going to be a better place where we pruned to live all as brother as we were sometimes? they declared.

The entrance to the recital for the community inhabitant of the capital will be free and gratuitous.

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