Inheritance presents/displays new CD

“Where they are the single women? it is the name that the feminine group has chosen for his third material.

The Group Inheritance will present/display in the theater Miter, this Tuesday, from the 21, his third record material called “Where they are the single women?, which is made up of 14 subjects.

In the new work of the feminine group are rates of tynku, saya, huayno, and bailecitos among others, also includes subjects of authors jujeño like Nando Diaz and Noelia Chacana, among others.

Inheritance in addition will count on the participation of pairs of dance, Brave, vocalista Angel of the group Coroico, and Gustavo Cross, professional guitarist.

The members of Inheritance are: Noelia Chacana in winds, Natalia Go'mez in first low voice and, Carolina Escobar voice, Gisela Vantage point in charango, Roxana Shock in percussion, Gabriela Go'mez in guitar and choir.

Carolina Escobar, one of its members, generally invited the public upon presentment of the CD, to share warm a veiled one next to us who we have many expectations with this new work ".

Recently Inheritance appeared in different scenes from Buenos Aires, like in the Salteñas Carps and rock the Cumpas, and in the month of August it will be in Cordova and the south of Argentina.

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