History, experiences and memories of the Fist

Presentation of the book “the flowery Old Quiaca? of Don Justo Diaz.

The Right author Diaz, quiaqueño of origin, in this opportunity presents/displays the second edition of his book “the flowery Old Quiaca?, history of the Fist, experiences and memories.

It is one more a more complete work and a Annex of the first edition.
Diaz emphasizes that to the first she realized it edition in the 2008 and when happening the time felt the necessity to complete the history of the Fist with more stories.

In the opportunity the author will present why from silence she felt the necessity to count the history of the Quiaca, the Fist where the Independence of the Mother country was developed.

To this he took it work to compile and to study near six years and in addition for being witness to the development puneño, also of the injustices and his tenacity to relate the history of his town.

The book includes histories like the first chapel of the Old Quiaca, the Exodus Jujeño, the customs, the culture, the mining in Argentina and Bolivia, the railroad: the first train to the Quiaca, pack animal roads, their family, songs, among others subjects illustrated with old photos.

It relates that the Old Quiaca has a history very little counted; as well as the first establishment that was Yavi where the independence of the country was developed and in this 2010 the value of those men is not clear who gave their life by the Nation and today he has them to history forgotten.

“If God wants this work will be for always. I hope serves for consultation of the future generations since the unique way is to respect our principles, knowledge of where we come and to take care of ours?, expressed the author.

This book also will appear in the new edition of the Fair of Libro, representing the province among others books that will be exposed in the literary sample.

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