Today they will sound to the chords of the guitar of the “teacher Luis?

It is the second time that the concertista recognized one, of 72 years, touches in a scene of our city.

The flamenco one is one of the musical styles more passional than they have been known throughout history. Jose Antonio Luis González knows those feelings, because he has dedicated all their life to take this music more to the variable public. The “teacher Luis?, in addition, has dedicated part of his time to the violin and guitar classes that has dictated from young person in our country. Tonight, the musician will delight once again to the salteños. The appointment is predicted for the 21, in Pro Culture Jumps (Miter 331).

The guitarist appeared for the first time in our province the past year and, according to she said, he is very anxious to share his music again. “I am very contented to be in Jumps. I feel a special affection by that province, because my woman, who passed away 6 years ago, was salteña. In addition, it is a precious city and I believe that to the people of it likes much the flamenco one there?, said Luis González, in an interview with the Tribuno.

González was born in Oviedo, Spain, the 29 of 1938 July. The flamenco one is something innate in this artist, who from very small felt that to make music it was his vocation. In 1957, being nineteen years old, it left from Spain next to his parents for our country, to which it adopted as his place of residence and improvement, continuing during six years his studies of classic guitar with the teacher Alvaro Hussey. To González the flamenco one means a great passion to him.

“Also I touch to tango and folklore, but what I like with all the soul is the flamenco one?, the musician commented. In the last years he has dedicated himself to only touch. It is that González feels that obtains major musical expresividad when on the scene are only he and its guitar. “The concerts with other musicians can complement what I do, but generally is something that lowers the level to them to my interpretations, because in addition, it happens that the melodies cover an a others?, explained.

The musician dedicates itself to flamenco the traditional one. With respect to the fusions with other rates, to which many of the contemporary musicians are ventured, he said that he considers that “they deform the styles, sometimes are obtained good results, but he cannot continue being called them of the same form?. The appointment for one night to pure flamenco will be then today, in Miter 331.

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