Today Short jujeños works in Video/Jujuy/

It continues with massive success the eighth edition of the international sample of shorts in our province.

Magnificent days with an excellent answer of the local public are lived in VIII the Short Edition of Video/Jujuy/, in the room “Martin Raul Gallant? (high of the Miter Theater) with factories and projections.

Today, from the 14, it continues the qualification of Expensive the Gustavo producer, on “Introduction to the audio-visual language? and one remembers that the factories do not have cost some give certificates; from the 14,30 it will be realized a round table with representatives of festivales of cinema and video of the rear area like the Latin American Festival of Video of Rosary, the Festival Images of Social of La Rioja, Cortopolis of Cordova and Muestra de Indigenous Cine of Chaco, among others. In the opportunity the joint between these valuable spaces of audio-visual promotion will be analyzed.

Later, to 19,30, the sample will continue more with the day waited for by all, the day in which the works of local producers, many of them in avant Premiere, will be able to be enjoyed until the 22.30.

The projections will begin with “the train: Memories that resist? of director David Gutiérrez, “dry Face or? of Rolando Véliz, “Six meters under land? of Jorge Arraya,
“Crossroads? of Luis Andres Cunchila, “I if I can?. Free Tilcara of illiteracy of Maria Jose Nacci, “a unknown reality? of Cecilia Barbosa and Thorny Silvana, “School: Via and Work? of Maria Laura Foschi, “the dream of the poet? of Cristian Cesar Irigoitía, “School? a collective creation “Rasta Woman?, “Defying the silence? of Darío Raul Melano, “Destiny (things of)? of Maria Fernanda Canseco, “the Churqui? of Cristian Irigoitía, “By my veins? of Delfor Condori, “Craftsmen of Casira? of Ariel Ogando (Wayruro Popular Communication), “Latin America? of Adrián Ogando (Wayruro Popular Communication), “Burning Sins? of Adrián Ogando (Wayruro Popular Communication), “Music with Wings? of Héctor Stream and Rolando Huanca, “Sheds, spaces in movement? of Jose Gonzalo Contreras,
“Juan? of Isaac Garci'a and “the temptation of Maria Huanca? of Carlos Ramirez.

Each day the important concurrence and rotation of a very heterogenous public is the characteristic of the sample, from young people to people majors pass through the room Gallant, to observe the quality of the short ones.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

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