“Eggs and fish?, a comedy would itch and delirious

The new production of the group Space will be released tomorrow, to 21,30, in the Foundation Jumps.

The work, whose author is Jorge Saurrales, is directed by Rafael Monti with the attendance of Danny Veleizán.

The best style than in action it is known like vodevil, a theater sort that consists of a frivolous, agile comedy and funny that gives rise to confusions and desopilantes situations, the group Space will return to the tables, after two years, to release his new production “Eggs and fish?, of Jorge Saurrales. The first function will be realized tomorrow, to 21,30, in the Foundation It jumps and second Saturday in the same schedule and place.

Seven personages, all related to each other but without knowing it, will be the protagonists of a loving tangle that, between “eggs and fish?, will have a end that will explode the laughter of the hearing.

Enrique is a vacated man maintained by his two lovers: Pamela and Alejandra. First it is married with Gerald, egg industralist, whereas second she is wife of Juan Carlos, retailer of fish. Enrique has a better called friend Adrián, who contracted nuptials with Raquel, that deeply is enamored as well with Enrique. Their lives are related, share fantasies and hide secrets, although never the faces were seen. Nevertheless one night of will put them to Friday in the open and will have to go to all type of resources to return to normality.

Space, synonymous of humor

Humor is a registered tradename of the Factory of Theater Space, that years back it took to scene the saga who began with “What we had dinner… senator? (2001-2002), it followed with “Martinez and the senator… the formula of humor? (2003) and culminated with “Martinez and the senator…. the policy is not stained? (2006). Also it realized numerous functions of the infantile piece “ferocious Caperucita?, among others productions.

“We always bet by humor, not only because he is something that we do for a long time and characterizes to us but also because we are convinced that the public needs to spend a good moment when is going to see a theater spectacle and to forget, at least by awhile, of the daily problems. In addition, in the personnel, it is a pleasure to make laugh to the others?, honored Rafael Monti, besides directing “Eggs and fished? who fulfills a roll within the work.

This time, the members of the group Space that will raise scene are Silvia González, Oscar Muñoz, Rosy Toledo, Danny Veleizán, Delia Pantaleón and Alfredo “Fat' s? Ferrario.

Picardy, humor and dynamism are the condiments that will make of this vodevil a imperdible spectacle.

Problems of alcove

As paragraph emphasized in first, “Eggs and fish? identify with sort theater well-known like vodevil (“vaudeville? in French) that, according to Monti, “characterizes to present/display tangles of alcove and acts of infidelity, in that the personages cannot be found with others and are catched within a situation of which they do not find escape and for that reason they will have to put into play all their I devise not to be shortages, although that effort is useless?.

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